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This is absolutely bombshell.. Revolt within the British health system.... Doctors and nurses refuse to give untested COViD vaccine to unsuspecting public. Openly saying that it is a genocide plan.... Now what would you say? 🤨

Blanca shared this picture of the mandarin orange harvest in Arvin CA. She earns $53 for each bin of mandarins she picks. The small citrus fruit is eaten plain or in fruit salads. When you buy mandarin oranges remember the work of farm workers that brought it to you. #WeFeedYou

Ellie Goulding admits she never realised the buzzing sound made by bees was caused by the rapid flapping of their wings. “I just thought they were saying buzz,” she told reporters

The perfect number plate. Due to the current situation I’ve lost my income, if you enjoy @_youhadonejob1 or any of my other accounts and can, consider supporting them at this tough time for me @ or with a ☕️ @ Thank you.

In addition to celery, carrots and dill frequently trigger photoxic reactions. Cucumber, squash and okra plants have nearly-invisible hairs that not only irritate our skin but can also float into our eyeballs and cause severe inflammation. Happy Thanksgiving! #WeFeedYou