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Data belongs to every team member, which is why advancing analytic insights is so valuable. Learn how Intel #Optane technology plays a big role in making data easier for everyone to use.

After the repeated cases I saw in the clinic, I think it is important to address this. A lot of men have "worms" in the body but they don't know until it has caused a lot of damage. VARICOCELE is becoming an important cause of reduced fertility in many young men and should be...

Forgotten traditional dishes,this is a traditional bread from Multan region known as Doli ki Roti. #DoliKiRoti. My Multani in-laws will be so happy after seeing this. 🤪

Meanwhile, earlier this evening... Comet NEOWISE, low in the sky, lurking below the Big Dipper. July 14 , 2020 An hour after sunset. Latitude: 41 degrees North. [ iPhone 11 Pro. Handheld. 4 sec exposure ]