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Just STFU, you loathsome, whining, inadequate, corrupt, greedy, insincere, limited, destructive, racism-stoking pisspoor excuse for a human being. And they’re not ‘illegals’, they’re people. And all undoubtedly better people than you.

Lizzie didn’t come to play... FINAL EP ALERT 🚨 What a season it’s been! Feel so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful show with the best fans and cast. The drought will pass, until then- Stay safe and stay groovy x #outlanderseason5 #Starz

Attention #KPOP fans -- this one's for the #WENEE!!! @official__wonho has released the music video for his first solo English track #LosingYou and it's a dedication to all his loyal fans! ENJOY!!! -->

Inspecting the work being done at the Apapa axis of the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail line. Fulfilling our promise to connect the rail line to the seaport.