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Evidence suggesting newborn babies could copy adults led scientists to believe that our ability to imitate must be innate. In fact, studies on neonatal imitation are a cautionary tale that bold claims in science need careful tests. A thread 🧵

"Things I’ve found more uncomfortable than donating stem cells: 1. Bikini wax 👙 2. Post bottomless brunch hangover 🥂 3. First gym session after Christmas 💪 4. Breaking in new shoes 👠 5. PMS pains 😩 6. Rush hour commute 🚇 7. Being near blue cheese 🧀" - Ellice, DKMS donor

I told y’all that I would sell my Crunchy Milky Chin Chin. Well guess who did it ? Myself!! A bottle of this treat goes for 800 and two bottles for 1,500 Patronize me, I’m available to deliver to your doorstep. Lagos and everywhere. Kindly Retweet, My customers are on your TL🥺

"Kunting tulong lang po" Jeepney drivers wear face masks and placards as they ask for alms on streets and receive food aid as the Philippines' economy reels from COVID-19 lockdowns, which have affected the jobs of thousands of jeepney drivers. 📷: AFP/Lisa Marie David

Happy Birthday Harrison Schmitt (and me!😀). 85 today, Schmitt was Apollo 17 LMP and the only geologist to walk on the Moon. Reprocessed from a high res scan of the original film, here's "Jack" keeping an eye on us. The rolling peaks of the Taurus Mountains reflected above: