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The future of 🇺🇸 & our families depend on us. We have a choice, to either let the socialist/ Marxist criminal Dems to continue destroying our states & Constitution as they’ve pledged Or We can #Vote for freedom. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #VoteReady #VoterRegistrationDay

One individual broke a code of silence while a group of friends unravels an unknown realm. The Wizard's Estate: Let The Games Begin The Wizard's Estate 2 : Coming soon! Final Draft: Elements of Surprise via @amazon

During this crisis people are homeless. People are uninsured. So many of us feel left behind. While congressmen and women are sitting at home during their recess, let’s trend #PeopleVsCongress and let them know we mean business. The time for a minimum income is long overdue.

Right on the heels of the #Dune trailer!!!! Come on, we can do it!!#LoveAndMonsters #21million985thousandtogo #littlefriendlycompetition #TwoMostAnticipatedFilmsOfTheYear #ChalametAlwaysBeBAE