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Chinese academic Xu Zhangrun arrested in Beijing. Prof. Xu, a determined critic of Chinese authoritarianism, warned that the essay he wrote in Feb. critiquing Xi & China’s #covid response “may well be the last thing I write.” These words are what so scare Chinese authorities:

Every time I get a little down I remember there is an Orthodox Jewish man called Andrew who has been holding a solo protest outside the Chinese embassy in London over their treatment of Muslim Uighurs every week for a year, and knowing this act of solidarity exists keeps me going

New #BenGarrisonCartoon Big Wheels Keeps On Turning... #GhislaineMaxwellDidntKillHerself #GhislaineMaxwell #JoeBiden Read the great post at…

I don’t know about you but I’m quite flexible 🥰😅 Awesomeness brought to you by @NileSpecial ♥️ #wcw

I've created a guide of common things I'm seeing in the name of allyship that aren't, in my eyes, actually helpful and some suggestions on what you can do instead. ⁠Two more in thread 👇🏾