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49ers’ HC Kyle Shanahan spike with reporters today, sharing his thoughts on racism and police brutality. Here is a partial transcript, via @ChrisBiderman.

This week we will not be uploading podcasts or content in solidarity with the black community in the fight for racial justice & against racism, brutality & violence. We hope this allows for us to reflect & have meaningful conversations surrounding the change that we must see.

Hi everyone, I’m a marine biologist studying marine mammals in the Canadian Arctic 🐋. I’ve always loved the outdoors but never saw it as a place for me because I rarely saw anyone #BlackInNature. Representation matters! #BlackAFinSTEM #BlackBirdersWeek

This was the Melbourne anti lockdown protest. Stronger covid19 restrictions were in place. @ScottMorrisonMP said it was their right to be there and had no problems with it. Now people want to protest for racial equality and #ScottyFromMarketing has issue with it. HE IS A RACIST