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🎂 Happy birthday to our cool kid Yujin! With you, every day, we are daydreaming! Our fall shines brighter with your smile. We are always thankful for your energy. Hope we can brighten up your special day with love ❤️ #DaydreamingYujinDay #찬란한_9월은_유진이로_더_빛나

Teams are now 56-3 this season when leading by double digits with less than 5:00 left. The Giants join the Lions and Falcons as the only losses.

I helped a mother sent to Tuam apply for her records. The state failed to give her all of them. With the Magdalene inquiry archive sealed, she had to ask the Sisters of Mercy. Their ledger shows why she was sent from Tuam to their Laundry: "penitent - twice". Two children taken.

At 102 years old, my great aunt, born the year of our last great #pandemic, made her way to the ballot box to cast her #vote. If she can do it, you can too! #Vote #VoteEarly #Election2020

#FredsFailure and his 'people' keep talking about a Red Wave You know what a Red Wave (Tide) is? It's toxic algae which KILLS everything it touches Sound familiar ? #VoteBidenHarris2020 #BlueWaveIsComing #WeAreFresh #FreshCares

You like dominant women? Do you know Lizz La Reign ? If you want to chat with her you can reach her on FINmessage! Write to her:…