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HELP A SWIFTIE (yes, again) REACH 450 RETWEETS! this is already my third try so i hope this one goes well 🤍✨ note: reply with your rt deals too so I can help you out as well! 😻

My friend Yulia has been detained by riot police twice her size at the women’s march in Minsk. Yulia (pictured here on Aug 16) is a peaceful protester and she did nothing wrong.

This man was buried at Sungir in Russia about 30,000 years ago adorned with 25 woolly mammoth ivory bracelets and 2936 IVORY BEADS. Each bead took about one hour to manufacture #IceAgeDeath

Welcome to Halifax, where you can get a Tropical Storm Watch and a Frost Advisory at the same time...

Jaga jarak - Keep a safe physical distance! And I’ve just witnessed a group of ladies kissing each other, Shaking hands & having close conversations (unmasked) in a cafe in Bangsar. It’s as though COVID-19 never existed.

During the lockdown I decided to document all the stages we passed and make a drawing of them. Here is the result.