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Roger Stone was found guilty on 7 counts including witness tampering and lying to Congress. He’ll spend zero days in prison. Ramad Chatman was found NOT GUILTY. He is currently serving a 7 year prison sentence. There are 2 systems of justice in America, neither one is just.

Retired Cops say they couldn't 'Watch spineless politicians turn their backs on Police' so they're taking action , here's how. PROTECT OUR POLICE PAC @policepac . LET'S GET THESE ANTI AMERICAN LEFT WING POLITICIANS OUT ! paint my country red

So thrilled for @Lin_Manuel and the entire #Hamilfilm team! We’ve seen recently that the young and diverse America that you all represent and bring to life on screen is still here, still hopeful, and still blowing us all away.

Today is a good day to read Tracy K. Smith’s poem “Declaration,” which was written as an erasure of The Declaration of Independence. #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay