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Misuse of state machinery by an elected govt is an insult to those who gave the govt the power to use it in the first place.

It is the Feast of St Magloire of Dol, a 6th C Breton who became Abbot of Sark. He struggled so terribly with abstinence that an angel visited and gave him permission to have wine and beer. He is patron of those who abandon diets.

HBO/C4/Amos hired a PR firm to mass-promote LN in 2019. Their profits ($500,000+ via Kew alone) depended on the media lapping it up. This included 11-page "kit" sent to outlets to excerpt from as if their own material. But guilters insist we are the ones being paid. Deflection.

Germany's Defense Minister just did a better job making the case for nuclear deterrence than have any of her NATO counterparts.