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Happy 65th birthday to Carme Forcadell, former Speaker of Catalan Parliament, currently serving 11 years in Spanish jail for allowing democratic debate about Catalan independence.

One year ago today, Liverpool secured their sixth European Cup after beating Tottenham in Madrid 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

✨DOODLES FOR DONATIONS✨ I'm offering doodles to people who donate to support BLM and the ongoing protests. ➡️ donate $25+ ➡️ DM me a timestamped receipt ➡️ get a doodle! see below for some possible charities to donate to, but anything supporting BLM/protests is fine!

Every hour feels harder to get through. Panic attack after panic attack. I felt like I had to scribble some feelings out or I'd explode. Keep donating & fighting.