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📲| Watermelon Sugar was streamed over 632 MILLION times on Spotify this year! via spotifycanada

1\ As we've been watching the hearings on election fraud in these contested states, I keep thinking about the phrase "The military is the only way." There are several related drops, but D36 stands out to me. Everything is so corrupt, there is no other way than the military.

my parents are divorced and I posted the first pic and my dad took it and CROPPED MY MOM OUT I- the SHADE????? the SKILL???

Back in September, we wrote about the need to show severe #COVID19 cases were prevented by a vaccine… Today we know that. Of @moderna_tx final efficacy all 30 severe cases were in the placebo group.

I am hoping this graph gets Ottawans' attention and reinforces that ALL ages in Ottawa can stop COVID19 transmission by socializing more safely - with distance, masks indoors, in smaller gatherings - the fewer contacts the better. You can change this, Ottawa!

The Miami Marlins hired a highly qualified woman as their new GM, making Kim Ng the first woman to ever GM a major US sports team. A great/huge day for baseball! As a result, Aubrey Huff is getting dragged for being a notorious sexist/racist/etc. Friday the 13th isn't so bad!