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Not really a birder, but I love the idea of #BlackBirdersWeek. I do happen to be #BlackAFinSTEM though and I'm very into celebrating #BlackInNature. Here's me with the bees and peeping on some peepers

Nothing says Man of God like using tear gas on protesters to clear the way to the church for a photo op - and then holding the bible upside down…

A message of caution to everyone who enjoys the UL riverbank walkway Thursday at around 4pm I was cycling along the bank & I had one of my biggest scares 3 boys on horses were racing down the path,they narrowly missed a father and his young daughter & collided straight into...1/2

Y'all. I am FLUMMOXED. ABSOLUTELY FLUMMOXED. I had a goal of $500 this morning, thinking folks would be worn out after a hard month of fundraising. Y'all proved me so wrong today and I am humbled, grateful, thankful for everyone. $142,781 raised in 10.5 hours #BlackLivesMatter

The murder of George Floyd was the result of inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy.

22 million+ black squares yet not even 12 million signatures for George Floyd. are you seeing the problem here

TO THE CLASS OF 2020: Beginning July 6th, schools WILL have the opportunity to hold outdoor graduation ceremonies that comply with social distancing – ensuring the health and safety of all in attendance. 🎓