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I'm getting ahead of this story! The CDC just dumped OVER 4,000 "newly recorded" deaths. Lucky for us @tlowdon @kylamb8 et al. have dutifully pulled down the CDC data each day so we can tell where and WHEN they put 'em. Turns out over 75% of these deaths happened BEFORE JUNE!

Midna always loved too fooling around with the magic spells she rarely uses, not having an idea what each one of them, to her surprised she found expansion spell~ "Accidentally" making her breast and thighs 3 times as bigger~ Making her pussy wet and sweet milk spilling out~ 🖤💙

Goodnight tweethearts ~ Sorry I could not be with you today, I would like to thank you for your kindness support and follow 🙏🏽 #gratitude 🕊💕💞💕🕊