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Nine successful heart surgeries later, @SamaritansPurse is taking these children & their mothers back home to Mongolia. We're grateful to God for each life that is forever changed through our #ChildrensHeartProject & the medical facilities here in the U.S. that partner w/us.

Tomorrow is #ElectionDay in NJ and DE! Return your #VoteByMail ballot before your state’s deadline. If you are voting in-person, find your polling place and make a voting plan 📤 Follow @WhenWeAllVote for more resources 💪

kai is in theqoo hot topics list with 2 posts now, 1st is about his gucci ads that is in france, different areas worldwide and how big he's as global ambassador, the other is about what fans did when he went to kamong yesterday. comments on both are really positive for jongin 😍