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CHART China, Japan & South Korea have recently committed to reaching net-zero emissions. That means two-thirds of the world’s coal use & nearly half its CO2 emissions are now covered by national or regional net-zero goals. @DrSimEvans analysis of data from BP & the World Bank.

All of us should be concerned about what has happened in the Labour Party in recent years. And today’s EHRC report underlines that. There are still important questions for Keir Starmer and so I have written to him seeking answers.

We've deployed a hotfix on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC patch coming on Friday. Here is a list of fixes included in the hotfix:

I'm not a big account, but I need to get this shared.. Please RT this. My cousin got this in the mail. Read this! Is this even legal? This HAS to stop! This is election interference and fraud! They're literally lying! I need this to be picked up and shared to everyone! Stop this!