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Hellooooo high school and college class of 2020. Holy cow. Way to go. You did it. You are officially smart. You worked hard and you deserve the respect. Sorry it’s a rough time to be graduating, but you know what I did the night of my high school graduation?

I'm currently reading a Victorian reissue of an 18th-century jestbook. 49 jokes from the original text were omitted on account of the "greater delicacy observed in modern society & conversation." But which gags were too rude for the Victorians? Let's find out! Thread 👇:

"Risque Rebellion" Say hello to my Rebel Pilot: Teela Vale Uploadir: Imgur: Patreon: #RebelAlliance #StarWars #Sourcefilmmaker #nsfw #nsfwart #3dporn

Loki about to gouge someone’s eyeball out shouldn’t be so hot, but somehow it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen