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Looks like a warm weekend ahead, so we’ve booked into @britnaturism #sunfolk Saturday to Tuesday. Camping is a is a great way to dip your (naked) toes into naturism. Maybe this is your weekend? #nude #naked #naturism #naturist #nudist #nudism #camping #normalisingnaturism

An insightful piece by @ETCTax about the #LoanCharge including the disgraceful fact MPs were misled over #NC31 & that “manifestly false” statements were made to persuade MPs not to vote for it. We suggest that is raised directly with people’s MPs #LoanChargeScandal @keithmgordon…

This tremendous press photo is 23 years old today. Paolo Di Canio arrives at Sheffield Wednesday - and poses with Benny Carbone and an uncooked pizza from Asda. PR in the 90s. The glory years.

Bought another house, this time in Atlanta for my birthday 🙏🏾 #Blessings ✊🏿 Did it on my own again 💪🏿 #SingleMom #blackexcellence✊🏾 @b_luxurious