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I have always believed that liberalism is the best way to tackle racism. The identity-obsessed ideology of Social Justice is not only less effective, it actively promotes racial division. @ConceptualJames has a handy diagram to clarify the point...

Lights! Coffee! Cannoli! On Saturday July 4th, we'll be open at Bar Italia from 10am til 11pm. We'll be restricted to three people in the Bar, but outdoor seating will be provided. Luca, Rosie and our Ant look forward to seeing, & serving you, once again

People living with more advanced #dementia may not remember yesterday, but our #kindness can help them look forward to tomorrow. (image: @MentalHealthMO) #Alzheimers #caregiving #mentalhealth #happiness

Oi, tosser! Look out for our new posters which will be dotted around the park👍 If there are any other park or community groups that would like these as a template, please let us know - we will be more than happy to share👍 Pls RT to extend the offer 👍