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#KISSARMY Latin America! Visit… for an important #EndOfTheRoad Tour update.

We are so lucky that Robert Pattinson is Batman. People really out there saying he's a bad actor and a bad person. The rumors saying he's being an asshole on The Batman set are obviously false. He's a very nice person.

Paid a visit to the great @DONJAZZY Appreciate the love And I’m Glad you love the EP don! ❤️❤️🤘🏿👑 Link to Ep in bio. #Rii #Hearmeout

Thank you to @CGreenUK for standing up for weddings. A quarter of a million couples want to get married and 400,000 suppliers want to get back to work. We all need clarity of 22nd Feb. #whataboutweddings #bringbackweddings

Many people round here see sally (willow) as a weed, due to its propensity to colonise open ground and grow very rapidly. But this old partially collapsed individual, bursting with epiphytes and ivy, is an ecological gold mine, a rich habitat in itself for *so* much wildlife.