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Design Patterns as evangelized by Boomer programmers are mostly dead though. No tech interview screens for it. When was the last time the “flyweight pattern” came up in a code review? The Gang of Four book isn’t even *readable* ffs. It’s the Atlas Shrugged of tech books.

People are quietly gathering outside the Supreme Court to mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Some brought flowers, some came with candles.

This week at Bungie, we’re making the most of your Ghosts. 👻

“Adding car lanes to deal with traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity." — Lewis Mumford, 1955. If you can remember, & share, only one quote about urban transportation, make it this one. We’ve known it for 60+ years. #InducedDemand

Anyone want a gift card?? Someone pretty amazing came to me and asked if I’d like to give this away. Sooo.... $60 Amazon gift card to someone who retweets this. I’ll pick someone tomorrow morning (9/18) at 8am est. Must be following so I can DM. Good Luck! 💙