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iPhone : If you can’t communicate with your child effectively when they do something bad or even harmless, then you’re not fit to be a parent.

iPhone : Anti vaxers really be like “You’re just gonna listen to doctors who studied medicine for 10 years? Wow enjoy being sheep , I’m gonna listen to a stay at home moms Facebook page cause I’m an independent thinker “

iPhone : if u cant simply show yourself to confirm your “blackness” just give it up... it’s sad now…

iPhone : u click on somebody’s instagram story from Europe while they at a party and its like u watchin an episode of Skins

iPhone : your whole job description is picking up the phone and you just... dont? and when you do youre... rude af?

iPhone : if rihanna’s “not an album artist” then why is everyone always asking “wheres the album” 🤨🤨