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iPhone : a baby using a baby voice on a puppy. the most wholesome thing you’ll see today.

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iPhone : Just a friendly reminder that being covered does not associate you with being a good human being, the foundation of humanity and good deeds starts within.…

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iPhone : This is the craziest gender reveal I’ve seen 🤣🤣🤣

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iPhone : I always wondered why the heart symbol is like this “❤️” when a human heart doesn’t look like that at all, thats when i found out that if you put 2 human hearts next to eachother it makes that shape 🥺

iPhone : @_lavak_ Getting to know their different personality’s is a blessing, good luck tho ❤️

iPhone : @_lavak_ Hahahahhh that’s the best kind ❤️ and the biting habits go away when they are older 🥺