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iPhone : cis ppl keep being like “noooo xenogenders make the trans community a joke” like no we rlly don’t need u to speak for us xenogenders are cool xenogenders are lit

iPhone : Ratiod by Batzorig Vaanchig twitter.com/freyjaa1/statu…

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iPhone : the fact that everything is made up.. like ? money ? like ? .......... ? “we can’t print more bec inflation or whatever 😩😭😭😭” .. bitch u don’t gotta tell nobody ? we TRILLIONS in debt this shit is all fake no reason ppl should be struggling and dying for this fake ass system

iPhone : Bigots and lgbtphobes will always be shitty and condemn/make fun of us.

Stop tearing down neurodivergent kids who have a more complicated understanding of gender identities, in favor of assholes who will only accept us if we act a certain way that THEY think is right.