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Twitter for iPad : THIS is what should be on the news, not a mythical referendum that will never happen. twitter.com/paulhutcheon/sโ€ฆ

Twitter for iPad : An entirely legitimate question. Salmond or Sturgeon: Which One is Lying? order-order.com/2021/01/25/salโ€ฆ via @guidofawkes

Twitter for iPad : Would i be correct that the Catalonian rebels were charged for misappropriating public funds when using it to finance the illegal referendum, & would that be the case here ?

Twitter for iPad : If the SNP can lie and cheat so skilfully with the full support of our civil service just imagine what kind of lies they could tell about Scexit and itโ€™s cataclysmic outcomes for Scotland. How could anyone trust a single word they say? This is absolutely a trust issue now. #SNP

Twitter for iPad : Tom French The difference being that the US elections were a legal plebiscite.

Run an illegal referendum in Scotland, inevitably using public money, and go to jail, a la Catalonia.

Twitter for iPad : Tom French The #ScottishNationalistParty are trying to forward an illegal referendum.
All parties should not encourage people to vote illegally.

Get a grip Tom