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Twitter Web App : #2. Don't Hire the First Advisor You Meet. Working with a financial advisor is a crucial component of any retirement plan, so most people follow these 7 secrets when hiring one.

Twitter Web App : Sorry to those who already saw this piece, I forgot that I removed the 2nd sloth from the last version of my sloth painting! Here is a painting of the ground sloth Megalonyx eating some tender leaves in an Indiana forest I made for Joseph Moore Museum

#paleoart #sloth

Twitter Web App : BYU 9024, cf. Barosaurus lentus. A titan among titans, this animal is known only from a neck bone, but the biggest one found in any organism ever. Even the most conservative estimates, shown below, put it at ~40 meters in length.

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Twitter Web App : Nah! they would still try to betray you 4 a broken Sniper Riffle…

Twitter Web App : "Seven hundred pages into the book, I had mixed feelings or perhaps I was a bit too generous with my hope. Obama may no longer be as hampered by politics, but he is certainly haunted by legacy" β€” writes Marwan Bishara for #AJOpinion

Twitter Web App : Small gallery at my house #sculpture #portrait #portraitsculpture #hyperrealism #hyperreal #jimihendrix #salvadordali #abrahamlincoln #fridakahlo #audreyhepburn

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Twitter Web App : Oh! My god! Guillermo is directing live action anime Attack of the Titans! just joking and dreaming.…