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Twitter for iPad : gn to evie n the rest of u ig...

Twitter Web App : feel like twitter doesnt question the weird shit i say and thats why i like it here

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iPhone : The Cure - Just Like Heaven

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iPhone : URGENT

hi guys i highly doubt this is gonna work but i’m gonna try anyways, i’m in a extremely abusive household and it’s not possible for me to live or stay anywhere else for the time being, i have literally $9 in my bank account and have just been waiting on my taxes this (1)

Twitter Web App : Daniela Allende te han de haber reventado tu rica colita Daniela no necesitas unas chupaditas y una cremita de leche tibien para lubricartelo por si quieres te la puedo untar despues de darle una chupadita a esa colita

‏‏‏🇾🇪|🇬🇷|٢٠| حتى العيوب بتحليها🥀 K♥️💍

Android : When ocean tides are salty,
And all the dew is stewing,

Minute urchins come in waves.


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Android : The House is alarmed that JCB equipment is being supplied to Israeli forces for the destruction of Palestinian structures, and that the UN Human Rights Office has listed the British company as sustaining illegal settlements.

iPhone : Im deactivating in one hour, if anyone has a crush on me, speak now, otherwise forget I exist. Im seriously deactivating.

Twitter Web App : veu ☭ yass go body shame these perfectly fine and normal women 😩😩✨✨💅