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iPhone : Trump mangles the word totalitarianism

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iPhone : This got little attention today, but Arizona state officials have activated “crisis standards of care” protocols - which will determine which patients get ventilators.

This is dire. Trump is pretending the virus will magically disappear. The GOP is enabling this.

iPhone : Many of the seats at Trump’s speech tonight at Mount Rushmore are being ziptied together, guaranteeing no social distancing for scores of people attending the event. Discussing all of this and more on The Situation Room this evening. Filling in for Wolf.

iPhone : Hey, I wonder how many GOP Leaders spent this 4th of July in Russia? Anyone know? Asking for a friend.

iPhone : Ivanka Trump How many thousand were smushed together this afternoon Not observing mask or social distancing warnings so your Pop could have a vanity 4th is July rally?

iPhone : Kimberly Guilfoyle, Top Fund-Raising Official for Trump Campaign, Tests Positive for Coronavirus…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Protesters are blocking the entrance to Trump’s Mount Rushmore protest in South Dakota, and the police are once again about to teargas peaceful protesters, because that’s what America has become.

Twitter Web App : The idea that wearing a mask equals a loss of freedom is nonsensical Trump propaganda. What freedom is a deputy losing by wearing a mask? The freedom to get coronavirus?… via PoliticusUSA