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iPhone : I’m looking for articles about modern vertical or horizontal monopolies. Anyone have something cool? I want students to think how people and companies are impacted by monopolies. #sschat

iPhone : In one of Fancy Nancy books, Nancy Clancy cuts her hair for picture day. The lesson is that she gets a terrible haircut and she should not have done that.

Yesterday, my daughter was using scissors and said, “I want to cut my hair for picture day!” She missed the point!

iPhone : My toddler isn’t ready for lunch because “I have so many questions.” When pressed the questions are just things like ‘Anna and Elsa’s parents’ and ‘baby dragons.’

iPhone : I was distracted this morning and poured very hot water on my hand rather than my French press (technically my aim was fine until the the pot descended).

It has been a day.

TweetDeck : There is going to be a pandemic starting in March 2020. Make sure you pack the fife that you keep in your top drawer. Also, the dry erase markers that you just bought for your classroom. twitter.com/ByJohnPhillips…

TweetDeck : If Disney ever wants to do a non-canon Anna and Elsa series when they were younger, my almost 3 year old has many ideas. Like so many ideas. I should have taken notes over the past 60ish days.