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Sprinklr : “I don’t understand how and why people continue to normalize Black death,” says racism and antiracism scholar Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.

Monday, Wesley reports on how coronavirus has disproportionately affected Black Americans on 60 in 6, only on Quibi: link.quibi.com/60in6

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Sprinklr : The film version of Hamilton is being released tomorrow. 60 Minutes' cameras were there when Lin-Manuel Miranda, Christopher Jackson, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Daveed Diggs and Thomas Kail spoke to high school students back in 2016. cbsn.ws/3dPBJGJ

iPhone : In the coming weeks we will publish more stories like this that aired on our broadcast with a focus on race and policing. cbsn.ws/317mNRK

Sprinklr : In 2011, the FBI reinvestigated the murder of Louis Allen in an effort to solve potentially racially motivated murders.

In 2015, the DOJ closed the case, noting that all suspects were dead and that the federal government lacks jurisdiction to prosecute. cbsn.ws/3dObJM7

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Twitter Media Studio : Mail in voting: what you need to know. cbsn.ws/38eBRyi

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Twitter Web App : Many states are expanding access to mail-in balloting, making it easier for voters concerned about the coronavirus to avoid voting in person. cbsn.ws/38eBRyi

Twitter Web App : Doctors tell 60 Minutes that patients should get multiple antibody tests to ensure an accurate result, but testing positive for antibodies may not mean prolonged, or any, immunity. cbsn.ws/3dPgc0S

Twitter Web App : Probiotics, manufactured mixtures of "good bacteria" that help digest food, have become a growing multibillion-dollar industry. But do they work? cbsn.ws/3dOiX2B

Twitter Web App : A 60 Minutes investigation has found that federal officials knew many COVID-19 antibody testing kits had flaws, but allowed them to enter the U.S. market. cbsn.ws/3dNxA66

Twitter Web App : As COVID-19 cases rise across the country, election officials are weighing changes to how we should vote. Democrats want to expand mail-in voting. President Trump says it's prone to fraud, even though he votes absentee. cbsn.ws/2CV1U2a

Sprinklr : Correspondent Laurie Segall meets an artificial intelligence chatbot in the newest episode of 60 in 6, available now on Quibi.

How one app is changing our relationship with technology, and with each other: link.quibi.com/60in6

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Sprinklr : From 2003: In Tulia, TX, an undercover narcotics officer arrested 46 people, nearly all of them black, on charges of being cocaine dealers, and sent many of them to prison.

Then, a judge accused him of being a liar, a thief and a racist. cbsn.ws/2YH51mP

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Sprinklr : “I feel kind of silly or ridiculous having hurt feelings or jealousy, because… she really is not a threat to me. But... it still hurts,” says Beth Edwards, about the AI companion bot her husband chats regularly with.

See the full story on #60in6onQuibi: link.quibi.com/60in6

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Twitter Web App : (5) It is unknown how long antibodies last and if they provide protective immunity. cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6

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Twitter Web App : (4) You likely need to get multiple antibody tests, ideally different types, to safeguard against false positives and false negatives. cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6

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Twitter Web App : (3)There are multiple types of antibody tests, some are rapid tests, similar to at-home pregnancy tests. Others require sending blood samples to a lab. You can ask the clinic or hospital giving you the antibody test which test they’re using. cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6

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Twitter Web App : (2) You shouldn’t get an antibody test immediately after you get symptoms because it takes time for the body to mount an immune response. Getting a test right away will likely return a negative result. cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6

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Twitter Web App : (1) An early diagnostic – or virology – test is designed to detect if you presently have COVID-19. An antibody – or serology – test may tell you if you previously had the virus. cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6

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Twitter Web App : Five things to know before getting a COVID-19 antibody test (THREAD) cbsn.ws/2NF3SG6