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iPhone : #CandaceOwens is trending, and her vicious critics literally have NOTHING to say about her argument, just generic insults. You cant win harder than that.

iPhone : This isn’t honoring anyone. No respect for themselves no respect for others! If only they had eyes to see & ears to hear with. Protesting? It’s an excuse to steal, kill & destroy! They are destroying themselves as the Dems click bait them into another form of slavery. Very sad.…

iPhone : My husband strongly dislikes Trump and then our son hears a different view from me. I’m pleased he’s hearing conflicting views and forming his own thoughts at 11. Tonight he said to me, “not having police seems like a really dumb idea. Even Dad agrees with you.”…

Twitter for iPad : The virus was a setup to take away your freedom, mobility and livelihood and surveil you. The riots are to keep you in fear, destroy businesses and neighborhoods. Next they will come for your guns. Its you theyre after. They want to punish you for voting for Donald J. Trump.

Twitter for iPad : The White House Press Pool is upset that the chairs at the news conference today were not socially distanced.

Why isnt the lack of social distancing at the riots reported by them?

Rt if you agree

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Twitter Web App : Deep State & Soros/NWO are using the deaths of 2 black men to divide us & instill hatred for Trump. THEY WANT Obama Gate, vaccines w/chips, Tara Reede, China & Flynn FORGOTTEN! NEVER! THIS IS A WAR ON AMERICAN SOIL BY INFILTRATION! #WakeUpAmerica Antoine Tucker 🇺🇸

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iPhone : Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has issued subpoenas for 3 dozen Obama WH, DOJ and Intel personnel. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is in the process of preparing 50 subpoenas. It’s going to be a hot summer leading into the election. Stay tuned.

Android : America was Racist for accusing OJ of killing Ron and Nicole.....We’re sorry, we got it wrong😩