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Bio 96Triple ...The THUNDEROUS Triple off Joe Girardis bat in the 96 World Series. The Stadium shook like it never had before.
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iPhone : We’re in the middle of a global pandemic — and not only is Donald Trump preventing people from getting the health insurance they need, but he’s also actively trying to terminate the insurance millions already have.

It’s morally reprehensible.

iPhone : #trump pissed launch scrubbed. He will now fire everyone connected to #spacex #TrumpDeathToll100K #TrumpDementiaSyndrome

iPhone : #Monday #MemorialDay2020 what stupid crap will Trump day today? It’s inevitable. #TrumpGolfsYouDie

iPhone : #Alias rewatching Alias. 1st season. I’m reminded what a pain in the ass friend Will Tippin ( Bradley Cooper) is/was. Great show though. #JenniferGarner

iPhone : There was a time when the sacrifice Americans were asked to make was to don a uniform, ship out, and fight the Axis powers, possibly never to return. Now we’re being asked to make a much smaller sacrifice. Unfortunately, Americans are not used to hearing the word “no.” twitter.com/ananavarro/sta…

iPhone : Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing about COVID-19 on TV commercials, from movie and tv stars and the media claiming all of this are in this together. Movie & TV stars have plenty of money and the media is still working. We are not together!

iPhone : #trump epitaph: “ Lived in a Past That Was Not Real (constantly blamed others)” #TrumpDeathToll92K #TrumpIsALaughingStock #TrumpHasNoPlan

iPhone : So this is from a model they go by. At the same time #trump keeps saying the models are wrong. So how is it a success? Comparison to what? Seriously though, a Tyrant is bringing us all down. twitter.com/sbg1/status/12…

iPhone : The US has more than 70,000 dead, the most in the world, and still growing at alarming pace.

The White House continues to congratulate itself on a great job.

Quite an argument to make with a straight face. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

Twitter Web App : Optimum Help How do i downgrade my TV package from my optimum account? I go to my profile but i dont see an option for that. Calling is a waste of time. Wait times long as one hour. No guarantee call back as i have tried that too.

iPhone : Ultimate power along with no responsibility. This doesn’t work for the average decent person. Scary! It’s our #IMPOTUS saying this. This insanity needs to STOP. Replace him Now..with an Adult. #trumppsycho #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #trumpunhinged #COVIDIOT

iPhone : Blunt, great piece by ⁦Susan Glasser⁩ Susan Glasser

Trump’s Pandemic Plan: “Absolute Authority,” No Responsibility

The novel coronavirus brings out the same old, same old President. newyorker.com/news/letter-fr…

Twitter Web App : #22million filed for unemployment on 4/1. still waiting on it. 🙁🙏😷

Twitter Web App : certainly was hoping. it would have been ..uh....Huge. :) twitter.com/survivorcbs/st…

iPhone : #GeneralHospital “ TJ! Please tell me what happened !” “ well you said NO, then slept with Brando. Anything else?”