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Saturn. I shot this from my driveway in Winthrop, Mass., at 8:40 tonight. Over 700 million miles from Earth. I used a 1600mm lens, and this is still a huge enlargement.

We just hit 100k views on 'Techies'! 🔥 Thanks for the love! ❤ Hope to bring you more with @WePlayEsport sometime in the future! 🎉

We currently have 4 people with Covid in our ICU Intubated on ventilators fighting for their lives Cannot articulate how angry this idiotic selfishness makes me feel #TrafalgarSquare

A Federal Court judge has found that Minister Tudge has engaged in criminal conduct which was ‘disgraceful’. Tudge has no option other than to resign. Right now.

I was absolutely in despair about everything today and then I heard about this kid who sent firefighters a Baby Yoda and they take it with them everywhere and I lost it. Just started sobbing.

On Insiders Adam Bandt says “years of cuts to the public service” may have contributed to Victoria’s contract tracing failures. The Andrews government has increased the size of the public service by almost 60,000 people since 2014. What cuts?