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Android : Covid. Useless and venal. Brexit. Useless and venal. House of Lords and Covid contracts. Corrupt. Exams. Useless, venal, all about preserving rather than challenging privilege. Levelling up - my arse... if you’ll pardon the pre-bike ride rage. Over and out for a while 2/2

Android : #AlevelResults Predicted A*A*A*. Expcetionally low performing school. No one had ever achieved a Cambridge offer before in my sixth form. Performed at A*A*A consistently. Today, A*AB. Dropped two grades in Sociology. Denied Cambridge place. This is what has happened to me.

Android : UK to impose 14 day quarantine or fine on those returning from France after 4am Saturday


Couldn’t they *test* people? As Germany is doing for returning travellers?

Also infection rates vary by region in 🇫🇷 - why the blanket ban?


Android : This A level debacle has given us a rather stark but important warning about what letting our lives be controlled by algorithms/AI (etc) really means in practice. It’s happening in many other areas of our lives without being noticed.

Android : There is not a lawyer or police officer in the land who any longer knows what is legal and not legal under coronavirus regulations

An absolute mess of a legal regime twitter.com/BBCBreaking/st…

Android : He was also going to lie down in front of the bulldozers at Heathrow and leave the EU on 31 October "do or die". If words meant anything to Johnson, he'd die more often than Kenny from South Park. twitter.com/Brexit/status/…

Android : Doing what we can to bring pressure to bear on the Govt to reverse the consequences of the A Level algorithm fiasco is a better use of our time than telling Twitter what a success we’ve made of our lives.

Android : Persuasive thread. What I find odd - and hard to see as anything other than a failure of government - is not seeing this coming, or doing anything to deal with the consequences (eg by encouraging universities to look beyond the “grades” in such cases). twitter.com/sundersays/sta…

Android : British journalists need to be asking the Johnson government the same question.

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Android : We’re looking for students affected by A-Levels fiasco

If you (or your child) have lost a uni offer due to downgrading, or if you didn’t plan to go to uni but your career prospects have been harmed, pls get in touch with gemma@goodlawproject.org

Android : The sillier season. New post on my Brexit Blog looks at how the Channel migrants panic links back to the Ref and forward to post-Brexit international co-operation, IDS et al's 'Millwall' approach to diplomacy, and US and Japan trade deals. Includes a joke. chrisgreybrexitblog.blogspot.com/2020/08/the-si…

Android : We no longer have a government but a news mismanagement operation. Flailing around looking for any new fiasco zone to take away attention from the last one. One day dinghies, the next day new quarantine measures against countries doing a far better job on Covid than ours 1/2

Android : My son, 16, waiting for his GCSE results in fear after seeing #AlevelResults fiasco, registered to vote yesterday.

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