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a50 this isnt good enough

Bio Its not going very well in the UK right now, is it?
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Android : The Prime Minister must come before the country at today’s press conference to answer these very serious questions about his most senior adviser. #Marr

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iPhone : In three days, DOJ has gone from bragging that Barr ordered the square cleared to Barr saying he never spoke to the person who gave the order. twitter.com/mikebalsamo1/s…

Twitter Web App : MI 2018 statewide precinct shapefile + statewide election results now posted. Thanks to OpenElections for sharing data! dataverse.harvard.edu/dataverse/elec…

Twitter Web App : The next decade will see the western world move towards more state involvement in the economy, *or* more free market approaches.

Socially, well move towards more conservative *or* liberal positions.

What mix do you *think* well end up with?


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Twitter Web App : This is disgraceful via Holly Gittins - A family have issued a warning after fraudsters stole hundreds of pounds from their 11-year-old son during his battle with cancer

Twitter Web App : Great shot of a shelf cloud and rain streaks over Ramsey St Marys in Cambridgeshire yesterday. Thanks to Weather Watcher alpacalady for this post.😍📸

Android : Butterfly cakes were the first thing I ever made when I was in infants school in Cheltenham many years ago! Rarely make them and forgit how good they taste!

Android : Can someone please explain to me why there is an #NHSSurcharge but not a Schools Surcharge, a Police Surcharge, a Roads Surcharge, an Armed Forces Surcharge... I guess non-EU immigrants fund those services by paying taxes like everybody else but why doesnt that apply to the NHS?

iPhone : Not actually going to deactivate after all because last time it deleted all my followers/following for a very stressful two days however I AM logging out for the week. See you in 36 news cycles x