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Twitter Web App : not sure everyone is aware, but whole books have been written, full of facts, ideas, & histories about newspapers in America.

Twitter Web App : The NSO Group seems to want us to believe that there's an international conspiracy of peer reviewed researchers, human rights groups, & journalists all working to frame it for helping spy on innocent people.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul…

Twitter Web App : Police may have used Israeli tech from Cellebrite to break into journalists' phones from Myanmar to Nigeria.

So why is the US & the UK *gifting* it to Ghana, where police are arresting journalists & confiscating phones?

Massive Jonathan Rozen investigation: cpj.org/2020/07/us-uk-…

Twitter Web App : And if you're a teacher, or IB coordinator—and you aren't pleased with how this all went down—get in touch! #IBResults #ibscandal twitter.com/AASchapiro/sta…

Twitter Web App : I'd like to think it's because my brain is making space for deeper insights, that can't be spell checked. Maybe.

Twitter Web App : It's embarrassing that I can't spell the words algorithm, surveilence, or bureaucracy without assistance from a computer — but here I am.

Twitter Web App : Hey, are you a student who think you were treated unfairly by the new IB grading system?

I'm a reporter with the Thomson Reuters Foundation—and I want to hear from you.

Get in touch, shoot me a DM.

#ibscandal #IBResults

Twitter Web App : Hina Hashmi Hi Hina, I'm a reporter with the Thomson Reuters Foundation—I'd love to speak with you more about this; whats' the best way to get in touch?