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Falcon Social Media Management : The mass incarceration crisis has very real implications for our democratic processes β€” including voting.

Our right to vote should never be taken away.…

Falcon Social Media Management : Nearly half of all victims of police brutality are living with a disability, predominantly a mental health disability.…

Twitter Web App : Our 200 legal actions related to COVID-19 include:
- 8 abortion access cases
- 35 voting rights cases
- 140 cases on behalf of people who are incarcerated in prisons, jails and ICE facilities

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: We've now filed more than 200 legal actions demanding government responsiveness to the COVID-19 pandemic, including lawsuits demanding the expansion of voting rights and the release of people who are incarcerated.

Twitter Media Studio : Here’s everything you need to know about the latest on our lawsuit against the Trump administration’s cruel family separation practice.

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Falcon Social Media Management : Together we are strong enough to protect and expand abortion access in the days ahead. We can do this by:
➑️ Donating to our local abortion funds
➑️ Voting like our rights depend on it

Falcon Social Media Management : 🚨 If you requested a mail-in ballot but haven’t returned it yet, return it ASAP in person or to a dropbox. 🚨

Falcon Social Media Management : You called. You texted. You tweeted.

We answered. Your biggest voting questions: Solved.

Watch now ⬇️…

iPhone : Tonight our hearts ache for Walter Wallace, Jr., and for all those who loved him. Walter's killing at the hands of Philadelphia police is appalling. Enough is enough. We'll have more to say about this act of police violence, so horrifyingly familiar, very soon. #BlackLivesMatter

Twitter Web App : Months after millions of people took to the streets to protest the brutal killing of George Floyd, it is crucial that the Court makes it clear that police and jailers cannot use lethal force against those detained in police custody.

Twitter Web App : The officials continued to apply pressure to Gilbert after he was in handcuffs, leg shackles, and in a prone position β€” suffocating and bleeding from his head on the concrete floor.

Twitter Web App : As many as six to eight officers joined the struggle which ultimately led to Gilbert hitting his head on the concrete bench in the 7-by-9 foot cell.

Twitter Web App : Nicholas Gilbert was being held in a Missouri jail on a simple trespassing charge when three officers rushed into his cell with handcuffs and leg restraints.…

Twitter Web App : We urge the Court to adopt a clear rule that police and guards cannot use asphyxiation against fully restrained individuals who pose no threat to the officers or others.

Twitter Web App : This is what happened to George Floyd β€” except the victim here β€” Nicholas Gilbert, was locked in a jail cell, shackled and handcuffed when officers applied asphyxiating pressure to his back until he died.

Twitter Web App : Tonight we filed an amicus brief with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, urging the Supreme Court to review and reverse an appeals court decision ruling that the Constitution permits police officers to suffocate and kill a shackled and handcuffed arrestee.

Falcon Social Media Management : We refuse to live in a country where politicians target trans kids, interfere with abortion access, or brutally rip families apart to punish people for seeking asylum.

We're voting for the America we want to be.

We're voting for ALL of us.