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Twitter Web App : At a time with mass hysteria and speculation happening in Beirut, Fact-checkers have thankfully made a clear ruling: Beirut explosion was not nuclear blast and Lebanon cites ammonium nitrate stored in warehouse as the cause…

Twitter Web App : TODAY is one of your last chances to take part in the poll that's pinned on the profile. BUT before you do, listen to "S2 EP4: Service Me So I Won't Own it - Ownership and Software" HERE: ⚓…

Twitter Web App : Twitter has been talking about Lebanon for almost an hour, but only now has it become breaking news. The speed of this app man.

iPhone : No sweat off my back. It’s not like they used to work (properly) on older consoles and this is a turn face. The PS4 controller to PS3 console is like 50% functionality anyway.…

iPhone : Misyé Joshua Haha. It’s funny how much financial concepts don’t matter when you’re not living your life financially focused. So what if a car deprecates If it gives you peace of mind and you run it into the ground over 10 years? Leasing is the same: Why own it when you’ll change in two years?

iPhone : Women: *have a slight disagreement which is later resolved amicably*

Men: *have massive interpersonal beef with global political ramifications*

iPhone : Hoping you all had a good weekend. Let’s start the week with this latest episode: S2EP4, available on your favourite audio platforms:…
And now YouTube:

iPhone : Salutations Listeners and welcome to S2 Ep4: Service Me So I wont Own it (Say it like Rick Ross), a conversation on Ownership and exploitation in the software we use.

Listen on Apple:…

iPhone : Me and my brother were discussing our preference for buying over leasing and he summed up beautifully why I prefer the former.

“At the point of purchase, the contract sounds appealing but after a few months/payments, you think when’s it gonna end!” 😭

iPhone : Reminds me of an episode of ACultureMadeOfAlgorithms I recently listened to on the concept of ownership. Strategically broke down the pros and cons of both & got me thinking about the value I place on ownership above leasing.…

iPhone : Misyé Joshua Thank you for listening and for this shoutout!
It’s funny how we just assume that owning things is the way it has to be, right? Hopefully by questioning why we own, we might be able to own things more consciously, or lease them more intentionally.

Twitter Web App : an ice lolly has to be juice based, this is a hill i will die on…

iPhone : Now I understand and wholly recognize that Twitter is just an echo chamber but don’t minimize the importance of the work being done. Whether it’s long form or short form essays, without those “think pieces” several conversations on here wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

iPhone : Without the work, threads and other pieces of material written by Black people, recorded by Black folks, specifically Black women on social media + Black Twitter, would something still beget the same level of frenzy if the “thinkpieces” were suddenly erased?

iPhone : We must move past calling work written by Black people, specifically Black women, “think pieces”. Not only does it minimize the work, it erases the level of research, and cultural importance that hundreds of Black folks have helped push to the forefront.