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Bio MERF (Male Exclusionary Radical Feminist): males should be excluded from female/feminists spaces.
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Twitter Web App : Again, I'll probably check for typos and dodgy wording later. These are my own thoughts as ever. Part 4 — Gender Ideology is homophobic link.medium.com/thzzf2HUZ8

Twitter Web App : No one’s heard from me since last week. My wife sadly passed away from her cancer battle at the weekend. The petition I started for her was too late as the damage was already done from cancelled chemo. Dont let it happen again my 4 kids have lost their mum

Twitter Web App : Facebook groups are the worst.
Me: “JK Rowling is telling the truth”
Also Hannah Gadsby FanGroup: “Birdy Rose we are going to remove you from this group now because you are making people feel unsafe”

Twitter Web App : Esta gente o es profundamente ignorante o son unos manipuladores sin escrúpulos (o las dos cosas). La ley de autodeterminación NO corrige la situación q le tocó vivir a La Veneno, q se resolvió hace 13 años!!!Sinvergüenzas!!!!

Twitter Web App : De los autores de “VuELve” y “Nosotras”, hoy #diadelasescritoras llega esta versión de #yoleoautoras... porque ellos siempre son protagonistas y todos los días son su dïa!

Android : If you tried to book a place for our first "Gay Spot" webinar on Thursday and found there were no places left try again! More have been released and everyone is very welcome to attend. #FactNotFiction #NoFutureForNoDebate

Twitter Web App : They changed the definition of transsexual. I’m going to be sick. It’s used to be defined as female to male or male to female. It’s the only thing we had left & it’s been ripped way. I wish I had a bigger platform. I know this is all the work of trans activists. They hate us.💔😞

Android : Saffron Lula By insisting on being "non-binary" they create another binary: those who "are binary" and those who "are not". Only two options anyway.
Their thinking doesn't make any sense.
It's a broken system.

(By the way, sex is real, it's binary and it's immutable)

Android : I'm back after a week-long suspension! But I won't be on here much for the next two weeks - here's why:


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Android : "This adult male is allowed to see your underage daughter naked in a public shower facility because he says he's a woman - and if we don't let him he says he'll kill himself."

Say it out loud. Twice. Then consider that THIS is where we're at currently in Western society in 2020.