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Twitter Web App : This conservative cuckery that LEO is supposed to be worshipped and god forbid anything bad be said because they're our HEROES

Same bullshit as with the military worship,

You all suck the tits of the military-industrial complex like infants

Twitter Web App : If you cannot criticize something it has all the wrong kind of power

You think its all GOOD people who wear badges?

Ask any LEO have many psychos get badges that should never have been given them

Ask about hiring standards that have become disgustingly low

Twitter Web App : How many times has law enforcement essentially operated as Mafia with badges?

How many corruption scandals?

How many times has law enforcement been dirtier than the criminals they're policing?

Why is it surprising that people don't like them or trust them?

Twitter Web App : How many people get unjustly murdered by law enforcement each year?

How many incidents does law enforcement respond with completely disproportionate violence?

How many people get robbed in civil asset forfeiture?

How many dirty cops get away it and know they're protected?

Twitter Web App : The militarization of police has been a problem for a long long time

The tired refrain of "muh PATRIOTISM" and that law enforcement get automatic hero designation and are beyond criticism is bullshit

Abuse of power is systemic and endemic in many many many departments

Twitter Web App : The honesty is what makes what I do work, I run my business how I live my life, MY WAY

It does not follow rules, but the authenticity of experience is undeniable…

Twitter Web App : Ladies if you haven’t noticed, now’s the time to find you a strong masculine man with hella testosterone who knows how to fight and is stocked with weapons