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iPhone : We’ve seen this in South Africa before. Beware of agitators and instigators who use legitimate protests to ignite chaos between protestors and police.

iPhone : A group of white people showed up in Oakland armed with hammers and started destroying shit as people of color looked on confused and asked why theyre tearing shit up.

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iPhone : Mayor Carter said EVERY person arrested last night during the protests was from out of state. The governor said it is at least 80 percent, and that they will begin releasing the names. Dept of Safety Commissioner John Harrington says they are contract-tracing arrestees:

iPhone : Remarkable info coming out of this presser: Gov. Tim Walls, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and now MN attorney general Keith Ellison ALL alleging outside forces, domestic and possibly foreign, have post-Tuesday infiltrated the state, and are

iPhone : Minnesota officials say many of the violent protesters who have caused widespread damage are from out of state. Authorities have been monitoring alleged criminals online, including postings by suspected white supremacists trying to incite violence.

iPhone : One of the best, smartest, impromptu speeches I have ever heard. Amazing leadership.

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iPhone : I haven't read my own account of my wrongful Ferguson arrest in nearly 6 years. The lesson to grapple with in these cases is *always*: if police will treat the press this way, how are they daily treating those who they consider powerless?…

iPhone : The chief of police in Atl is talking to everyone in the crowd at the protest She says she wants to see a change too and is disgusted by everything that happened. She sent away a white officer we told her was being an asshole. She’s listening to every person that wants to talk

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iPhone : This weekend, a voter told me how hard it is to feel like a full citizen of this country when he sees Black people like him regularly beaten & killed by the state. And this was before the murder of George Floyd.

Arresting one cop doesn’t solve that problem. It’s barely a start.

Twitter Web App : think for a moment about the fact that the racist cop from the OJ trial is a go-to legal expert on the nation's most watched cable news network and then think again about the possible reasons why many minority communities and activists have deep contempt for the media…

Twitter Web App : It bears emphasis that this is what the police are doing while the cameras are rolling -- while they know they're on TV.…