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iPhone : Amnesty has badly misjudged its position. So have numerous other “human rights” organizations. Time to rethink.
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iPhone : Given the “capture” of the British Psychological Society by gender identity doctrine, this is a particularly alarming prospect.
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iPhone : "“There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country.”

“Great,” I said, “We’ll each get our own.”.. because it’s not just lesbian bars that are disappearing; it’s lesbian as a category itself." twitter.com/kittypurrzog/s…

iPhone : “Our final point is therefore: national and supranational regulatory bodies are impeding freedom of expression by unthinkingly adopting confused and confusing terminology, and in some cases endorsing documents without proper scrutiny,”

iPhone : “Most people referring to it as ‘best practice’ would be astonished to learn that Article 31 of this document calls for an end to the registration of the sex of babies in birth certificates.”

iPhone : “.. few people, even in human rights circles, have actually read the text of the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10. Yet activists have successfully [persuaded] the international human rights world, and .. many governments, [that it represents] ‘Best Practice’ on sex and gender.”

iPhone : “The words and phrases are adopted without proper consideration. Likewise the documents enshrining them. The most striking and alarming example of the resulting harm relates to the document known as ... the Yogyakarta Principles plus 10 (2017).”

iPhone : “The ... confusion that has been introduced by activists and unfortunately – quite often in well-meaning but misguided attempts to be ‘inclusive’ – adopted by national and supranational regulatory bodies has caused immense harm to the rights of women and LGB people.”

iPhone : “with extremely diverse problems and situations, this makes it virtually impossible to conduct serious discussions on these issues.”

iPhone : “If ... regulatory bodies fail to appreciate the different meanings of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’, and fail to note] that the word ‘transgender’ is used in relation to a huge number of different kinds of individuals”

iPhone : “[Many] now oblige by using words and phrases like “cis”, “pregnant people”, “gender assigned at birth”... and the like, and solemnly adhere to demands to use specific pronouns, while being quite unaware of the harm being done to women’s rights.”

iPhone : “Most bodies, organisations, companies, even governments defer to these organisations. They do so from the best of intentions, assuming that the aim is to protect the human rights of a vulnerable group.”

iPhone : “In addition,activists have sown linguistic confusion by coining new words & redefining existing ones. Because the subject of sex and gender is complex,and [to many] awkward & even embarrassing, many people prefer to assume that organisations active in this area are the experts.”

iPhone : “Activists have labelled all references to the rights of women & girls, who experience discrimination and abuse worldwide on the basis of biological factors, as ‘transphobic’. They use hate laws.. intended to prevent violence & abuse of minorities, to silence these discussions.”

iPhone : “This is what has happened to the issue of women’s rights, and it has profoundly undermined the freedom of expression in academia and in society at large.”

iPhone : “A discussion can be made impossible by changing the terms in which it is discussed. If every reference to the rights of Jews were called ‘Islamophobic’, it would suddenly become impossible, even in academic publications, to discuss antisemitism.”

iPhone : “By suppressing views that highlight the reality of biological sex, ... along with views that are widely regarded as obnoxious, these companies create the suggestion that emphasizing the reality of biological sex belongs in the same category as these objectionable ideas.”