Bio Honesty is the medicine that makes a life better even if it tastes bitter going down. God is the ultimate relationship goal.
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Twitter Web App : Stop debating with idiots about the bible who clearly refuse to use the Holy Spirit to get understanding. Some of y'all on here are just "tired" energy in human form. FOH

Twitter Web App : I don't even attempt to try and understand the mentality of a racist white person. I just put them in the category of one of the many reason God created hell and keep it movin.

Twitter Web App : If a woman tries to impress you with her twerking skills, you know she has a ghetto mentality and a relationship with her would be pure foolishness and nonsense.

Twitter Web App : Yet another idiot white male who isn't qualified for his position.…

Twitter Web App : White america will always be trash. They are not capable of doing anything right.…

Twitter Web App : Y'all need to stop expecting white devils to call out white privilege and racism because they will always be blind to everything satanic in life.

Twitter Web App : Anybody I see not wearing a mask in a public place automatically disqualifies them from being a true Christian and they most likely need a mental health evaluation. Y'all be down playing the crazy mofos that infest this society.

Twitter Web App : Some men date or marry a woman through her vagina only and don't even consider her shitty personality.

Twitter Web App : The fact he even considered dating her makes him mentally challenged. FOH…

Twitter Web App : But the managers will still call the police on blacks wearing masks and chilling.…