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Twitter Web App : So Jenny from "Undisputed" is just now learning what racism looks like after all these years. Man, GTFOH...........she's just another dumb female who was hired based on her looks and skin complexion.

Twitter Web App : White people, stop asking us what you can do to make things better. How bout stop being freakin racist. that's a good start.

Twitter Web App : I'm actually proud of Stephen A right now during this segment. they need to keep Booger Mcfarland away from racial discussions.

Twitter Web App : Booger Mcfarland is dumb and ignorant and needs to just STFU and tap dance for Mr. Charlie

Twitter Web App : I love how Stephen A is goin in on Booger McFarland and Max Kellermen right now because both of them are coming off dumb as hell talking about Fangio

Twitter Web App : White males like Vic Fangio need to just STFU when it comes to speaking on discrimination and just sit down and enjoy their privilege because they will always be the problem.

Twitter Web App : Rapper Trina's purpose has always been a sex conquest for niggahs so nobody should be surprised by her ignorant comments.

Twitter Web App : Nah, having racist white males owning a franchise is a black eye on the league.…

Twitter Web App : Fangio the Broncos head coach is a perfect example of getting a position based on skin tone alone.

Twitter Web App : That prayer Kirk Franklin said at the end of his interview was very powerful and very on point for today's society. Amen

Twitter Web App : These protests are in essence black america telling white america in our nino brown voice, "Sit yo $5 A** down before we make change"