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Bio Christian. Democrat. Texan. “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” #PRUCoreMember #wtp2020 #EndCitizensUnited #RidinWithBiden 🚫DM’s
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iPhone : This is my son, Brandon. Today is his 12th Birthday. I can’t give him the party he deserves but Brandon loves geography.

He would love it if you would RT or reply where you are so he can mark it on his map.

iPhone : .Ted Cruz, why don’t you STFU and stay out of North Carolina’s business. You’re a TEXAS SENATOR and should be focused on the ‘LOSS OF CHILDREN’S LIVES’ in Texas that are ALREADY BORN. Has anyone told you we’re in a PANDEMIC? #wtpTXblue2020 #wtp2020 🔻🔻…

iPhone : African Americans are more likely to contract and die from COVID19, South Carolina officials must release demographic numbers on those affected. This pandemic shows us the full effects of inequality in our communities. 1/4…

iPhone : If you’re boasting that you will not be voting blue no matter who in the general election bc your nominee dropped out, and instead will be destroying the Democratic Party- I will insta- block you- so kindly unfollow me the fuck right now!

iPhone : If we care about gun safety
If we care about health care
If we care about kids in cages
If we care about trans rights
If we care about women’s rights

If we are progressives: we vote for Joe Biden.

Anyone who says or does otherwise jeopardizes those very liberties. #Biden2020…

iPhone : I would like to extend a #HappyPassover to my family & friends who will not celebrate together this year due to the 11th Plague.
No, not trump, but #COVID19
Have a Blessed Passover

iPhone : So, I guess she’s admitting she was never really a Democrat? Spoiler alert, Briahna, we all already knew that 🙄

iPhone : Joe Biden to Bernie: "And to your supporters I make the same commitment: I see you, I hear you...... I hope you will join us. You are more than welcome. You’re needed"
Now's the time to name a VP & some hints at a Cabinet/Admin
Just sayin'
#TeamBiden 👍…