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Amazon Employees For Climate Justice

Bio We are Amazon employees who want climate leadership. Views ≠ Amazon.
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Twitter Web App : For climate justice, we called on supporters across the US to support our demand that Amazon give all its 600K workers paid time off to vote. And brave people rose up and answered our call, from CA to NJ, from AZ to CT at nine Amazon warehouse sites!

Twitter Web App : Barbara Smith: "The US has a long history of imposing barriers that make it difficult or impossible for individuals, especially POC, to vote. Amazon's refusal to make Election Day a paid day off for its huge, predominantly POC workforce amounts to voter suppression."

Twitter Web App : Amazon posted info about voting to employees, but as an Amazon warehouse worker said, “As working-class people, we live paycheck to paycheck. We don’t have the luxury of taking the day off. We’re forced to choose between voting and making ends meet.”


Twitter Web App : Today, let’s remember @Amazon refused to give all its workers paid time off to vote, in a time when profits are skyrocketing due to pandemic. This wknd, activists & community members took action at nine Amazon warehouse sites to support us as Amazon workers.