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Bio Never underestimate your inability to not think incorrectly -Zen Master Imho

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Location "It's just a ride" -Bill Hicks
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Twitter Web App : Imagine being a barely literate angry 50-year-old with IBS and an enlarged prostate and calling yourself a “proud boy”

Twitter Web App : Sorry for the politics lately. I'm using twitter as therapy since my neighbors asked me to stop opening the front door and screaming "fuck."

Twitter Web App : FUN PRANK: Sleep with a sword, and if a volcano erupts or meteor crashes, your accountant ass skeleton will be a warrior in a museum hahaha

Twitter Web App : I will only say this. And I'll be blunt.

During a pandemic, you don't get to see the mom you talked to every night. She comes home in a box of dust.

I had a better goodbye with my dog.


Twitter Web App : You here who know me. (maga's excluded)

Tell me my flaws.

Not joking. I promise I won't get angry. I won't even answer the tweet. I want feedback. Twitter is for learning. I want to see myself as others see me. Participate in my experiment here.

What annoys you about me?


Twitter Web App : Donald Trump Jr. You admitted you get all the money you need from Russia yourself, on camera. I've seen it. My eyes aren't lying, as you would have me believe they are.

You and your father, indeed your entire family, are just plain ***evil.***