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Twitter Web App : The UKs fate is inseparable from the USA’s: if the Republic falls, if individual liberty, constitutional democracy, free markets and equality before the law fail, so does the whole of the West. telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/01/2…

Twitter Web App : Listen to the hope young socialists gave Leo Panitch & let it encourage you ❤️

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Twitter Web App : Meu. Deus. Quem são essas minas?
Isso ai é supremacista branca. twitter.com/andrezadelgado…

Twitter Web App : One Rule For Them it might be time to start thinking about whether your animosity towards Boris is leading you to some dark places

Twitter Web App : Very interesting interview with junior Tory Scottish office minister on #bbcgms refusing to say a Holyrood backed #indyref would be unlawful. Things are moving. The vital line The SNP must push is that #ScotlandsRighttoChoose is paramount

Twitter for iPad : GuitarGod Dr. Angela Rasmussen Yeh too much politics which plays on people’s ignorance and distracted from real issues. Trump writing a letter criticising WHO based on false or misleading info really didn’t help. This video goes through a lot of issues, worth a watch. youtu.be/qf_7nZdIYoI

iPhone : The Right wing media:

Its Labours fault.

Its Corbyns fault/Corbyns supporters fault.

Its Europes fault/Germanys fault.

Its the publics fault.

If in doubt: Its Corbyns fault.

Propoganda IS Powerful

Twitter Web App : Damn. This is real. I think Ive experienced all of these thoughts at least once before. Ive had these intrusive thoughts as long as I can remember. You kind of just get used to it, but not really. twitter.com/shiraisinspire…

Android : So emotional watching this.

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