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Twitter Web App : China’s success in handling the pandemic is based on a very different relationship between government and the people to that in the West. In China and other East Asian societies they enjoy a familial relationship whose roots lie in Confucianism. youtube.com/watch?v=K6ptkg…

Twitter Web App : Anyone who posts accurate info about countries targeted by US imperialism is going to be completely muzzled by this twitter.com/twittersupport…

Twitter Web App : Im using this for tonights class on intersectionality. Thanks for providing the resources so I can keep it fresh✌️ twitter.com/Shanice_OM/sta…

TweetDeck : with the navalny protests happening now, a good time to re-up an episode Evgenia Kovda and I did about the anti-politics of russian politics. fact is the politics of the kremlin and those in opposition to the kremlin are at root very much the same.


Twitter Web App : TAO: be any IP in the world And the vari-cap ... a cool idea, but Im not sure why you wouldnt just find the sound you liked and then keep buying those cables. Whos ever going to use 16 different capacitance ratings?

Android : Ill be voting Yes to independence when it comes, but let me tell you right now, the result will be No, and you can bet your life on it.

Android : For anyone thinking Boris is trying his best 👇🏾

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Twitter Web App : The first post-Trump Mark and Carrie is up. So whats the only thing we could talk about...


Android : Exclusive:

Ministers concerned about pace of vaccines rollout after reduction in supply of Pfizer-BioNtech jabs

Govt source says supply has become very constrained after Pfizer announced shipments delay

Feb 15 target is going to be very tight


iPhone : Stay and fight

• Sufragettes
• Todpuddle
• Peterloo
• Chartists
• Cable Street

One rule underpinned them all. People didn’t walk away from the fight. They stayed & fought.

I urge you to do the same, wherever your fight is. Stand your ground.

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Twitter Web App : Former undercover police officer Neil Woods told me how drug laws have their roots in racism.

For example, cannabis was renamed marijuana in the USA in an attempt to stigmatise the Hispanic community.

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iPhone : Leigh Phillips I’m agnostic on the question. I think it’s much too far off to get too distracted by right now when there are much more pressing problems. I’m all for space research and exploration, but there’s no space colonization off ramp from the climate crisis.

Twitter Web App : Moderna Would have really liked to see these results in those over 55 yrs, given these are the people being vaccinated now in most countries, and we know that immune responses can be less potent in these groups. Are these experiments going to be carried out soon?