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iPhone : Our fantastic canvass team is going to start door knocking this week and I couldn't be more excited. The congresswoman is one the most effective progressive legislators in congress, and the people of the 5th know that she will continue to tirelessly fight for the community

iPhone : Friend of mine who went to yesterday’s protest in Eagan for Isak Aden, a young Somali killed by Eagan police. He was stalked by a Eagan police officer who stayed outside his home for nearly an hour.

This kind of intimidation needs to stop. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForIsakAden

iPhone : As a proud Somali, today I remember my ancestors who fought & won their independence from French, British, and Italian colonizers.

Happy Somali Independence Day 🇸🇴

iPhone : Marching in the streets for Isak Aden in 99 degree heat didn’t stop us, but we will stop the police killings of black men and women. #DefundThePolice

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iPhone : Community members gathered in Eagen to protest the police killing of Isak Aden. Organizers played the Somali national anthem prior to the march to honor him and commerate Somali Independence Day.

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iPhone : The Ethiopian government has detained my friends & I am concerned for their safety.

We need information. We need transparency.

Why are they being held in a torture chamber?

iPhone : Marissa’s Bakery in Minneapolis would not sell bread to a Somali Muslim women because her face covering.

Islamaphobia & bigotry hurts, but even more so when it’s perpetrated by another immigrant.

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iPhone : Last night I watched my older brother break down paying respect to George Floyd at his memorial. I understood exactly what he felt, having been harassed by police his entire life.

Bonding with him on what #BlackLivesMatter means to us was a powerful experience. Love you bro!

iPhone : My Dad has worked really hard for the past 6 years to open a mosque in our hometown in Iowa. The city approved it this week. Here are some of the comments under the Facebook post from The Des Moines Register #islamophobia