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Android : Yes. There r some huge successful policies of Modi in India namely - Divide Indians on d basis of religion, Use every law enforcing agency against minority &Opp,
Stealing EVMs,
Siphoning off public money,
Selling Nau Ratan Companies to his friends.
Pl don't underestimate him.…

Android : So I've always wanted to be a doctor, since i can even remember as a child
Finally becoming one was a great deal yes! & then the first opportunity as a junior doctor i got was to be frontline for #COVID19
I was never prepared for dealing with a pandemic, none of us were....

Android : या तो #आप मुर्ख हैं या दूसरों को मुर्ख समझते हैं?
जो लोग घर से निकलने में भी डर रहे हों, #AAP को लगता है कि वह शौकिया ही, बिना किसी लक्षण के,सीधे लक्षण वाले मरीजों की लाइन में जाकर लग जाएगें?
और जाँच करने वाले भी लक्षण वालों को छोड़,बिना लक्षण वालों का टेस्ट पहले करेगें?
धन्य हैं…

Android : तेरे हिसाब से क्या लोग अस्पताल पिकनिक मनाने जाते हैं बे?
तेरी अब उलटी गिनती शुरू हो चुकी है संघी दल ले.

Android : Our Fakeer spends 20,000Cr of our money on Central Vista project having a grand house for him, 8,500Cr for 2 planes for him & Pres, 600 Cr on his security, but has no money for 12 Cr people whose jobs he took away by his failed Lockdown! Let that sink in…

Android : This lady ( Ragni Tiwari) doing Facebook live from past 3-4 days with similar provocative slogans .
Hello #DilKiPolice Delhi Police, Her provocative videos are now viral on Facebook and whatsapp.

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