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Bio Historian (U Chicago), author SF/Fantasy, composer; Renaissance/18thC, classics, censorship, radical thought, manga, disability/chronic pain
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Buffer : #SomethingBeautiful to brighten your feed: Verrocchio putto with a fish, details of drapery and motion #historypix (DC exhibit)

Buffer : #SomethingBeautiful to brighten your feed: Verrocchios david, detail of that amazing strong arm and hand #historypix (DC exhibit)

Buffer : #SomethingBeautiful to brighten your feed: lovely detail of a figure representing the virtue of Faith, in a Verrocchio relief (from the DC exhibit). Look at that stunning, serene face! #historypix

iPhone : 1/ Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore #Roma conserva la planta estrictamente basilical y la estructura paleocristiana primitiva. Es un edificio que muestra estilos arquitectónicos diversos, desde el paleocristiano hasta el Barroco.

iPhone : Barry Torch Brian Maxson I copied all the notes from all the manuscripts into my Loeb using a different ink color for each, creating a unified volume with all the Renaissance annotation. Then in the last year of my PhD the book got drenched and the ink ran. But I finished the dissertation anyway.

Buffer : Day 9/10 historian book challenge: post 10 books that have affected me AS A HISTORIAN & challenge another 2 join (challenged by Barry Torch challenging Brian Maxson Prompt is to share just the cover w/o context ,but this book IS context: the long path of the dissertation

Twitter Web App : Ada Palmer @🏡 Challenge: juxtapose something youre reading 4 work or project w/ current pleasure. (Im not tagging extra ppl because Im a bit lazy and also usually unresponsive when I get tagged.)

Im quite pleased at how my two main current reads are colour-coordinated.

Twitter Web App : Wow! Ada Palmer @🏡 has been interviewed a lot, but this is the best I’ve seen. Fresh & new, deeply historical but directly applicable to thinking about Covid and about the singularity.…