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iPhone : Thank you Meghan for being so open about your mental health struggles. It’s insane to think that an institution that is actively working to promote suicide awareness and mental health awareness stop someone from getting help because of the look of it #ImWithMeghan

iPhone : 👽Marguerite👽 Hi bby! I got a vaccination card but I also got it through the hospital I work at. I’ve seen that everyone who got it from other places now that the vaccine has been made available to the public have received a card as well(:

iPhone : This is how systems work. Meghan distinguishes that the individuals were kind, but the business upheld the problems.

It’s also a reminder that kind individuals not challenging the harmful system are complicit. And just as responsible.

#OprahMeghanHarry #imwithMeghan

Twitter Web App : I am really tired of #MeghanAndHarry bitching and whining. She is no better than Wallis Simpson. Harry should know more about Edward VIII. You want what Royalty gives you & you abandoned. There is no Royalty in America!
#MeghanMarkle: Divorcee, Pregnant when she married Harry.…

Twitter Web App : To all that are asking: thank you to the many who have said kind things. But I will never run for office again. Nope. Not gonna happen. Never. I am so happy I feel guilty sometimes. #RoyBluntRetiring

iPhone : Sarah Jeremy Piers Morgan You used the fact you watched the wedding to substantiate your point about you and millions of other supporting them. They aren’t related so yes I was pointing out there’s plenty of reasons one may watch the wedding other than to show their love of the couple...

iPhone : On #InternationalWomensDay you should know that the far left and the transgender movement want to erase women completely and the only people who are on the frontlines defending us are conservatives

iPhone : Bethenny Frankel I love that you always say what you genuinely feel and believe. I love even more that you don’t hesitate to say you were wrong and are open to changing your point of view when listening to anothers story. That quality is missing in so many. #MeghanAndHarry

Android : Christian is still having episodes of bleeding. It’s going to be a long day or so until the results of the tissue come back. Please pray for our baby. And please add my wife to the prayer list as she has to be strong for the both of us at the hospital.

iPhone : How I feel about Piers Morgan & the rest of British Twitter protecting their Ugly Racist C%@3r Azz Queen Elizabeth! I’m standing with Meghan Markle & Prince Harry on this one ☝️ #MeghanandHarryonOprah

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