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iPhone : Cancelo holding the width on the LW rather than playing inside, allowing Sterling to play an inside forward role with KDB playing free in that LCM area.

iPhone : 🔷 𝗕𝗥𝗢𝗡𝗫 𝗕𝗟𝗨𝗘 🔷

Introducing our new primary kit 🏙️ #ForTheCity

🛒 👕

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Twitter Web App : Sean Was it Cheltenham he was commentating where he was just laughing for half the game? Just nice to have somebody sound like he enjoys it.

iPhone : Jordy Pordy for Penaltys Manchester City ? Scored against the legend Shay Given

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iPhone : 🎙️ Pep Guardiola Press Conference Notes [vs Wolves]:

🐺 Wary of the Wolves
🤯 Reflecting on the records
👀 A world record now in sight
💯 Comparisons w/ the Centurions
🌍 Are #ManCity the best in Europe?

✍️ Harry Siddall…

Twitter Web App : Javier Tebas really had the audacity to come out and openly say that the Spanish league will investigate CAS. Yes, La Liga, conducting an investigation into what he believes are dodgy hearings. Im convinced that man is not all there at this point.

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Android : Relentlessly entertaining and viciously cynical, I Care A Lot is a rewarding watch that will keep the viewer engaged until the cathartic end.

Elisabetta reviews I CARE A LOT, available now on Prime Video | #Film on The Indiependent…

iPhone : James Thompson

I’d appreciate anyone who could follow my student twitter account. Will be used for research and opinions to help with my football business and media degree.

All engagement will be massively appreciated and go a long way to helping me with upcoming work!😊

Twitter Web App :

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iPhone : A great read this from Marc Iles on iFollow and #bwfc ... on to tonight now!

COMMENT: Rants, responses and radio silence. Why covering Bolton is a tough gig…

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Twitter Web App : Council tax to rise by at least £30 in Oldham - but bosses say it will be Greater Manchesters lowest increase…

iPhone : i hope she’s having a great day

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iPhone : Hi guys , Ive got 5 spare tickets going for Leeds festival Im going to do a giveaway. All you have to do is text your favourite yer da insult to 07568539551. Funniest one wins all 5 tickets. Winner announced friday!

Twitter Web App : A United fan, a Liverpool and a City fan all on the same podcast...what could POSSIBLY go wrong?! 😂

In all seriousness I had a great time on the OneFootball Premier League podcast with Joel Sanderson-Murray hosted by Dan Burke make sure you give it a listen!…

iPhone : If you are a journalism student and/or recent graduate & think you would like stint of work ex on The Scotsman to beef up your portfolio please drop me a line with CV & links to published work. We prefer to offer two week blocks where possible.

iPhone : Really excited to announce that I have teamed up with talent agency, Empire Kids Official, who will officially represent me in their adult division.

For television, broadcasting, film, and commercial opportunities, please contact Carol Gilby at: 🕺🏻❤️

Twitter for iPad : Due to an internal promotion we’ve now got a vacancy for a trainee reporter to join our brilliant Warrington Guardian team. More details on how to apply here 👇🏻

Twitter Web App : Councillors will decide how Wigan council will spend taxpayers cash in the next financial year at the annual budget meeting tomorrow. I spoke to some opposition councillors about how they want that money to be spent.

Twitter Web App : 🚨 New #BroccoliBookClub episode incoming!

This month, were reading Mindfck by Christopher Wylie 🏳️‍🌈, whos hard at work on an upcoming release. ✍️

Our host Diyora Shadijanova 🇺🇿 🇹🇯 (Диёра Шадижанова) is thrilled to be speaking to the equally talented authors of Taking Up Space, Chelsea Kwakye and Ọrẹ Ogunbiyi 📚🎧

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iPhone : TW: Eating disorders

I am so proud of everyone speaking up but it can be heavy stuff and this is important❤️…

iPhone : Secondly, our poetry competition.
We will be taking entries for poems too 📝🖋📝🖋📝🖋

- Write a poem with the theme of ‘Data, Deeds and Determination’.
- send it in to

Entries in by the end of January**

Twitter for iPad : No Pep-style overthinking my match-watching clothes tonight. The Phoenix OSC Desert Blues t-shirt is on from the start.

Android : Chamberlain is a big confidence player. Standing him next to Origi waiting for the umpteenth cross rather than getting him on the ball deep will kill him off. Sold to Southampton I reckon wholl play to his strengths and everyone will be wondering why he couldnt do that for #LFC

Android : 🎙 How quickly can we get a vaccine tested and regulated and into arms?

Professor Lawrence Young tells Nicky Campbell we could see booster shots against any new Covid variants that are resistant to the current vaccines 💉

🎧 BBC Sounds

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Twitter Web App : It was fab to speak to friederikekrum about her lovely garden concerts, which I was lucky enough to see back in December.

Watch my interview with Friederike to get a sneak peak of her music and find out how she has brightened the lives of her neighbours during the pandemic! 👇…

iPhone : ‘Feel My Love’
by The Shed Project
The Shed Project (Band)

In my opinion, the best tune they’ve done, great song and some fantastic artwork to go with it 👌

Added to Best of Upcoming Bands Hub Playlist 💛…

#UpcomingBands #NewMusic

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iPhone : Millwall playing a remix of the song The Hanging Tree, which is a song written for The Hunger Games films, by the author of the books.

Outlandish. #pnefc

Twitter Web App : I would like to speak to South Londoners who suffer from Gulf War syndrome. Comment below or DM me if you would like to speak. Thank you. #journorequest #MoD #BritishArmy

iPhone : Bitcoin too risky? How about 8.6% on your cash. This technology is enabling solutions for everyone!…

iPhone : The right look at students coughing up £9k a year to be taught by underpaid PhD students, just to get a job which has 0 to do with their degree and spend half their income on renting an ex-council flat, and think the reason why the young dont vote Tory is cos of cancel culture.

Twitter Web App : Breaking: owners Cheveley Park Stud have announced all of their horses in the care of Gordon Elliott will be moved to other stables, with Envoi Allen going to Henry de Bromhead and Sir Gerhard to Willie Mullins

iPhone : #OnThisDay 1898 Fr Hugh OFlaherty was born in Cork. The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican was a major figure of the Catholic resistance to Nazism. He avoided SS assassination attempts & saved the lives of 6500 Allied soldiers& Jewish civilians during WW2.
#Ireland #History #WW2

Twitter Web App : Wide range of plate styles, designs & sizes.

𝙁𝙤𝙧 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚👉
☎️𝟬𝟭𝟮𝟬𝟰 𝟱𝟯𝟰 𝟯𝟯𝟯

#numberplate #car #carservice #showplates #carservicing #service #manchestercar #carserviceuk #carparts #RETWEEET #COVID19 #Automotive #Auto #Ferrari #Audi #BMW

Twitter Web App : Our new blog gives a shout out to sound and the incredible power it has to change our experience in the moment, especially over the past year.

#Podcast #Lockdown

Aspiring Author and Writer. Loves music and Chelsea! Inspirations are Elvis, @Adele, @hazardeden10 and @baileymac02

iPhone : 📋Are you looking to subscribe to a new journalism newsletter?

We thought for this #TipTuesday wed list some of the media jobs, advice and new reading newsletters that grace our Jobs Bored 🗣🎙 inbox.📬

Have we missed a great one? Comment below!⤵️

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iPhone : ! Warning !

Pedophiles are putting 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in their Twitter usernames and bios to identify with each other, please be aware if you see a England flag and or Union Jack flag in someones profile, it means theyre a nonce!

Hootsuite Inc. : If Remote Work Fanboys talked about life the way they did about the office:

You feel the need to be physically near your grandchildren to feel close to them. Maybe you should ask yourself what that says about you?