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Sеrоtоnint | gender consumer

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Android : a lot of people don’t know this but eskimo is a slur! if you don’t know that’s okay, a lot of people don’t know. it’s been used against alaskan natives and the inuit! please don’t refer to us as eskimos!

Android : If you are a non-Asian person that enjoys Asian things like kpop, anime, asian cuisine, etc; please don't ignore the rise in Asian hate crime that's been increasing since the beginning of covid. Don't enjoy parts of our culture and choose to ignore the xenophobia and racism.

Android : If this Super Followers is gonna be serious 2 things can happen:

1. Artists have another way to get paid

2. Be careful if theres giveaways that require u to be super follower. I dont wanna give the scammers ideas but I wanna warn u all just incase