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iPhone : Pusha T responds to Young Thug saying he doesn’t respect that Pusha dissed drake on a song he was featured on. The song was slated to appear on Pop Smoke album deluxe.

iPhone : TI wanna battle 50 cent in verzuz 👀👀

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iPhone : Bro u literally tried to do that to me... u came in like Meek Mandela the president of hip hop announcing “HES CANCELLED” after 5 niggas was going at me .. stop being a hypocrite fam. Answer some questions ....…

iPhone : 50 cent interview on Young Money radio has lil Wayne asking 1 question “so fif how u been” and 50 cent literally giving a sermon.. lol went on for like 30 mins Bout all types of random stuff. Entertaining tho.

iPhone : .Meek Mill u seen this

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iPhone : Stop using old videos of me and leave me out of drama. Akademiks didn’t beat me. We go thru ups and downs like every other couple.

iPhone : When savage Meek Mill get online... please show him what 50 cent said bout him on Young Money radio.. cuz no way those twitter fingers r only selective for bloggers .

Twitter Web App : Now he's done tweeting... he's back in Meek Mandela Prison Reform mode... I guess I'll catch Savage Meek Mill from the Trenches tomorrow at 2-3PM when he got more words for me.... still wont answer 1 question I had for him. But ok.

Twitter Web App : Meek has the audacity.. if yall don't see the hyprocisy in this nigga Idk... he aint talk bout green lighting Judge Genece Brinkley who took away his freedom for years ... but a blogger he got all the smoke for. @meekmill we got questions for you... dont engage but ignore..

Twitter Web App : Classic Meek Mill victim shit... Same when u Tried to End Drake then came out in mad interviews talking like u were the victim or 'ppl switching up' when u started it. U threatened me and then now saying I want u to throw away ur freedom? Meek no way u graduated high school...…

Twitter Media Studio : .Meek Mill u really bad at this internet thing arent u? It took u 24 hours to come up with some coded threats online bout greenlight... Youre a gangsta threatening niggas online. that dont even sound gangsta.

Meek stop avoiding what I said tho. Heres a reminder. Answer this

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Twitter Web App : I'll believe you when Greenlight those cops that killed Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and the countless black ppl in Philly.

Pick a side.. a Savage or a Activist.. u not scaring nobody online.…