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Twitter Web App : Remember when Rush Limbaugh thought that you took birth control every time you had sex and went on to describe a woman having a lot of sex and needing hundreds of birth control pills. Good times. Anyway, hope his hand-basket is almost ready.

Twitter Web App : My brain can’t comprehend that there’s groups of people who have had to protest their people being killed this yr and AT THE SAME TIME there are adults protesting Disneyland being shut ... this has to be a simulation twitter.com/DealinRugs/sta…

Twitter Web App : At one point he told me that "maybe something else important was happening in my life that day!" and I considered it and then was like "was it happening the whole week? Also what was that thing? Because you'd remember it if it eclipsed something that was so universally shared."

Twitter Web App : Carbonfeather Crow Leah Miryam Katz "It's my vote" is not the same as "It's my dinner." If you want to eat a pile of garbage out of a trash can for dinner, that has no bearing on me or anyone else. If it did, people would be right to say "hey, please don't decide on garbage." Ethically and nutritionally speaking.

Twitter Web App : Carbonfeather Crow Leah Miryam Katz Unsuccessfully holding power accountable while simultaneously making things worse for other people is not good ethics, it's poor understanding or purposeful misunderstanding of civics. It's an individualism problem. Your feelings about your vote do not mean more than the impact.

Twitter Web App : Carbonfeather Crow Leah Miryam Katz I don't think there's circular logic here. If you look historically, 3rd party candidates do not win. So voting for them in any amount has not changed their standing. It's not a corporation telling you that, it's the country. What you want to happen doesn't happen here now.

Twitter Web App : Maggie Haberman People who stutter don't *typically* stutter one syllable words. Like the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers theme song is intentional because you wouldn't stutter on Chip, but perhaps Rescue Rangers might trip you pu.

Twitter Web App : To be clear: Joe Biden is NOT going to raise taxes on anyone who makes LESS THAN $400,000 a year. If you make more than $400,000 a year & Biden is the President, your taxes will go up b/c he believes the wealthiest people in this country have to pay their fair share.