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iPhone : 😛😛😛

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iPhone : the “pandemic” misspelling jokes

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iPhone : Can we acknowledge how Nicki Minaj single handedly popularized the barbie & slim thick aesthetic in female rap

iPhone : hi my name’s mikey ♡ Environment, like they say you become a product of your environment as sadly as that sounds, that’s just how it is on NYC, no one over here says it with harm that’s just simply “our slang”.

iPhone : hi my name’s mikey ♡ It don’t matter what race you are expect white we definitely don’t give that a pass, but if you’re a POC or ethnic we learned to normalize the n word, idk why but this has been going on for years specially for the kids that grow up in the hood it’s not their fault that’s their

iPhone : hi my name’s mikey ♡ I said this once and I will say it again, that girl is from NYC that is her actual accent but there’s no denying the fact that she forces it for attention, but we have to understand NYC is a multicultural city where Black Culture is highly influenced on everyone

iPhone : I’m Inside Azula’s Basement GUWOP ً Syaira Monèt🌹 K......ruined the whole song 🥱

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