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iPhone : From the same hearing. Here’s Ted Cruz going after the administration for killing the pipeline — and standing up for a project which just happens to originate in Cruz’s home province of Alberta

iPhone : Someone did today publicly and vocally press the Biden administration on its KXL decision: U.S. Republicans.

Here’s an exchange at Pete Buttigieg’s Senate confirmation hearing for transportation secretary.

The questioner is Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska.

iPhone : For anyone interested in Buy American, which might become the big Canada-US bilateral conversation post-KXL, here’s my backgrounder on it.

In brief: It’s still way too early to tell whether Biden’s proposing big change. Let alone how it affects Canada

iPhone : 2/ no final US policy change coming on Buy American.

Next Monday Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Buy American but it’s more the launch of a process than the end of one.

So the details — and talk of exemptions — are a bit of a way off.

iPhone : Here’s our story: Biden expressed regret about the Keystone decision’s impact on Canada, but said it was his campaign’s choice. It’s not changing. Trudeau expressed his regret. And that’s that.…

On Buy American: the countries will keep talking. There’s 1/…

iPhone : My colleagues in Ottawa will be reporting on details from the Trudeau-Biden call — including what was said on KXL, Buy American, etc. But frankly the most surprising detail I learned was Biden mentioning that his late wife, Neilia, had Canadian roots.

On policy: not much news.

iPhone : Whoa. Never heard Gary Doer speak this way before: “There is actually a special place in hell for Trump,” said the former Canadian ambassador to the Washington.…

iPhone : In the days before Biden took office, PR reps for the govt of Alberta circulated polling to reporters showing that canceling the Keystone pipeline was not particularly popular and not seen as having a major climate impact…

iPhone : The article of impeachment for incitement of insurrection by Donald Trump will be delivered to the Senate on Monday, January 25.

iPhone : Also, another thing Eric points out, is that such a chapter 11 lawsuit would have to come from an investor in the project. Which means TC or... Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Meaning the letter to Trudeau urges a lawsuit under a mechanism whose jurisdiction rests with Alberta.

iPhone : Eric‘s analysis is consistent with the message in the new Kenney letter out to Trudeau

If Keystone is not going to be built Alberta wants a lawsuit under the grandfather clause of NAFTA‘s Chapter 11 investor-state mechanism

But as Eric points out: that doesn’t build a pipeline…

iPhone : American politics can make more sense to foreigners if you understand that it’s, in part, an industry — and that people will now draw salaries from organizations funded for this purpose of primarying Trump skeptics…