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iPhone : They’re watching their brothers and sisters being legally lynched on TV. These violent crimes hit close to home. It’s time we also consider the mental trauma they are battling with.

iPhone : I know most of us are posting #BLM materials and in support of the ongoing protests for justice against the black community, but I’d also like to add, message your black friends, call them up, personally reach out to them and tell them you’re here for them and love.

iPhone : Why do younger siblings act as if the oldest was born with an “instructional manual to everything” attached to their umbilical cord?

iPhone : “Hal min nasirin ya surnana.”
- Imam Hussain (A.S) on Ashura.

This is the same ummah that abaondoned the grandson of RasoolAllah.

iPhone : As Shia, be confident in YOUR OWN tradition, books, sources & historic narrative based on evidence. Proudly cultivate ur Shi'i identity.

You don't ever have to justify or defend your creed. Unity with those who welcome it and if not then so be it.

Know that Allah sees all.

iPhone : It is literally Ramadan, & last week Hazaras were killed for being Shia. Now some wanna back out of Aya Hachem’s funeral fund bc she’s Shia.

Y’all’s concept of unity is superficial. Standing up for “Muslim issues” but silent when it comes to sectarian hatred & it shows.

iPhone : If a fellow Shia Muslim cancelled a fundraiser for a greiving family that happened to be Sunni, I’d be the first to condemn it.

Justice is justice even if it means calling out your own.

iPhone : Mehdi Naqvi Bro I swear these shia haters talk about us as if we’re not human let alone Muslims. It’s clipped for anyone who shows minor signs of Shia hatred.