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iPhone : Look, Assassin’s Creed canon is a mess but Far Cry ended a game with North Korea nuking the US so they could cash in on a post-apocalyptic spin-off, then went right back to making mainline games like nothing had happened

iPhone : They already have all the right horse animations for Russian Civil War stuff. On-rails tachanka gunner mission. Pre order now for legendary budenovka…

iPhone : mothman roadkill You go on a three day bender and wake up with a first draft of the story where young hitler is actually a noble assassin who is tragically killed and replaced by a templar imposter

Then you cancel the entire series just to prevent anyone from seeing that draft

iPhone : mothman roadkill 1960s Hong Kong, just enough building height for the AC experience, lots of little shanty town areas, loads of battling corporations, CIA, KGB, PRC shenanigans.

I might have just finished reading Noble House...