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Twitter Web App : Daniel Friedman You can grumble about that larger movement all you want, but don't come here and insult me by lumping me in with ideas I don't express or claim to hold, and insult yourself by making factually inaccurate statements about the works I'm encouraging folks to explore.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Friedman That is not true at all, at least not of the authors I'm citing! Spier died in 2017 and published his last works in the late 1980s, many of which are out of print. Steig died in 2003, and did his children's work between 1968 and the year of his death.

Twitter Web App : Daniel Friedman I cannot actually believe that you have surveyed the "entire field of picture books" if you believe this to be true! Sendak is fantastic and Seuss has his moments! But man, have you gone deep on William Steig? Peter Spier? Barbara Cooney? The Provensens?

Twitter Web App : Ben Vance I think that's probably at least partially the case! The simpler rhyming stuff for early readers is kind of sonically enjoyable to read aloud and easy to grasp, though my kid definitely has a more profound love for some of the other books in this column.

Twitter Web App : 6) Believe it or not, sitting with contradictions *and* opening yourself to new ideas and experiences can end up being more comfortable than contorting yourself to make everything simple.

Twitter Web App : 5) But the historical record of what our culture was and what it tolerated and empowered is truly worth preserving. As is the idea that genius and viciousness can coexist, and even feed each other.

Twitter Web App : 4) There's nothing wrong or censorious about taking a moment to revisit your perceptions and memories of great art. I'm glad I've grown up enough to *immediately* recognize really offensive stereotypes for what they are. I would hate to still be as ignorant as I was when I was 5.

Twitter Web App : 3) As Sonny Bunch writes in this piece, it would be great if there were a way for copyright law to help authors and estate managers strike this balance a bit better:…

Twitter Web App : 2) I *also* believe simultaneously that it's totally reasonable for the company that controls Theodore Geisel's work not to want to make money off some of his uglier stuff, AND that it's useful for great, troublesome works to remain available.…

Twitter Web App : Since we are, apparently, on day three of the Dr. Seuss Wars, a few thoughts for the morning crowd. 1) I believe the veneration of Dr. Seuss as the ultimate children's book author is a bit of a mistake. There's a lot of tremendous stuff out there!…

Twitter Web App : Betsy Phillips You can reassign your rights, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to reassign your rights *to* the public domain, though I acknowledge there's a debate about whether that's possible.

Twitter Web App : My suggestion to short-circuit “cancel culture” fights over stuff like Dr. Seuss: the owners (not the government; the copyright holders) should just put the “problematic” works in the public domain. This way both sides can claim victory.…

Twitter Web App : This is my post-pandemic dream — these are movies that would lure me back to the theaters.…