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iPhone : nonblack ppl are wondering how they should act right now. it’s simple: do something, but also shut the fuck up, and in addition, open ur purse. hope this helps!!

iPhone : asian ppl stop pretending that we’re only complicit through our silence. we are actively anti-black and we should be calling it out in our families and community. stop making excuses. start taking responsibility which means whether u like it or not we are claiming that fuckin cop

iPhone : KorixBLM This is a false narrative. This guy is not a bystander. He ALSO has a record in his file of brutality against black people. He's an accomplice. He's holding back the crowd so this can happen. He said (about George) to a witness, 'This is what happens when people use drugs'.

iPhone : the protestors in louisville need our help too. If you can, please donate to the Louisville bail fund. #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor…

iPhone : Nonblack folks: You cannot afford to turn away from this when it gets hard. There is no end of the work you can do toward liberation. You will never be done educating, never be done donating, never be done organizing. To believe so is arrogant and worst and naïve at best.

iPhone : imagine being such a loser that you get on the internet to chastise people for looting a target bitch shut up and help me carry this Icee machine

Twitter Web App : Again, if you can don’t repost pics of protesters. Cops are scanning the internet for pics and cause to place charges. Be mindful and boost local orgs and ppl on the ground trying to redistribute funds.