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Twitter Web App : "Just remember, we can't fix everything at once... I'm not an optimist or pessimist, I'm determined. Determination doesn't have an endpoint... It simply adapts to what is and what will and what should be. And that's the best you can do."

- @StaceyAbrams


Twitter Web App : To future activists, @StaceyAbrams says, "Pick the thing that matters. Find someone who agrees with you that it matters. And if you have to do it yourself, find somebody who is willing to go with you." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : "Understand your fears," @StaceyAbrams adds. "Fear can stop you in your tracks... Be prepared to fail... I failed to become governor, and in most universes, I should be a non-entity... But because of my ambition... I refuse to let my failure tell me to shut up." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : Offering advice to AU students who are political hopefuls but who are outsiders, @StaceyAbrams says, "We face obstacles others don't have to contend with. But don't edit your ambitions [or] your desires. The only restraint we should show is if our ambition harms other people."

Twitter Web App : "What we cannot do is spend our time and treasure trying to convert someone from their belief system to our belief system... I can either convince an atheist to become a Catholic, or I can get a baptist to go to church," @StaceyAbrams says. #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : “In the face of catastrophe, so often the reaction is to fall apart…we saw opportunity in chaos. In part because growing up in the South, you have to hunt for opportunity, it’s rarely handed to you. We reminded people of the urgency of their voices being heard.” #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : "When I didn’t win, I let myself grieve. I let myself be angry, be embarrassed. Then I started thinking about the third piece: what I’d plot. I refuse to believe that defeat is permanent." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : .@StaceyAbrams says that to relax, she watches "an inordinate amount of television" and she reads (in addition to writing romance novels!). She says, "It's how I get to have some joy!" #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : I refuse to believe that defeat is permanent. I have failed, I have lost, I have not gotten. But I dont stop. Because when I stop, theyve defeated me... And I refuse to let that be so. - @StaceyAbrams


Twitter Web App : Offering advice to students and organizers, @StaceyAbrams says, "Find the issues that matter, find the way you solve things best, and find someone to help you... And if we do that state-by-state, you can replicate this work." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : "There is not one way to do good... Don't let yourself be distracted to believe there is only one way to solve a problem." - @StaceyAbrams #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : Voting is not magic. Democracy is not magic. But it is the medicine we needed to cure the ills in our society. And it worked. - @StaceyAbrams


Twitter Web App : .@StaceyAbrams emphasizes that @FairFightAction is not doing this work alone, mentioning the ACLU and other civil rights organizations. "We convened, we worked together. We were proud at Fair Fight to convene these groups." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : .@FairFightAction wanted to make sure citizens across the country not only had the right to vote, but that they "knew what voter suppression look like," @StaceyAbrams says. "And by doing so, more people were able to make change." #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : "The work we did with @FairFightAction was suing the state to say, you owe Georgians a functioning democracy... especially Black and brown citizens who stood in line to vote... Because when you cement democracy as a truth, the voices you hear are extraordinary" @StaceyAbrams

Twitter Web App : Current students, faculty, and staff can join the webinar now: #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : .@StaceyAbrams: "When I didn't become [Georgia] governor, it didn't relieve me of the responsibility to keep pursuing the positions that mattered... One of the ways I was going to effect the changes I want was through voting." So she started Fair Fight. #KPUxAbrams

Twitter Web App : .@StaceyAbrams: "I grew up working class/working poor... I grew up believing we needed to have some structure in our society that gave my parents access to what they earned, what they were capable of." #KPUxAbrams