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Twitter Web App : This is the aftermath of the Chicago riots. Remember, Joe Biden has been silent

Mayor Lightfoot, this is all on you. You supported the riots. You talking tough is to late.

If you dont support this then you need to vote for President Trump this November.

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Twitter Web App : This is a Patriot that I met through connecting other Patriots and always has such words of wisdom.

Every person epecially one who calls themselves a Patriot should live their life this way.

It brings about true happiness and inner peace. twitter.com/pspetepatel7/s…

Twitter Web App : Cancelling the season is complete bull!
You're following hysteria rather than facts!
You played through Spanish flu, H1N1 & two World Wars, but not with a virus that has a 0.0% mortality rate among young healthy people? I feel horrible for these kids! A complete travesty! ABSURD! twitter.com/bigten/status/…

Twitter Web App : Liberals want to Defund the Police. President Trump loves law enforcement.

Liberals support the terrorists who have hurt our police. They support Black Lives Matter who have chanted about killing cops.

I support President Trump cause he supports the Blue

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Twitter Web App : Jayapal: Biden ‘Is Movable,’ and ‘I Will Be Pushing Him!’

Is this what you want, America?
A puppet POTUS?


TRUMP 2020!