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iPhone : #CNNTapes

Lindsey Graham knew.
Marco Rubio knew.
Ted Cruz knew.
Rand Paul knew.
Nikki Haley knew.
Kellyanne Conway knew.
Mike Pompeo knew.
Glenn Beck knew.
Rick Perry knew.
Susan Collins knew.

They all knew.

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Twitter for iPad : Can we just get a #GagOrder from one of these judges hearing these BOGUS election fraud cases PLEASE ???? Asking for nearly 80 million of us.

Twitter for iPad : Ilhan Omar Congress can have at it with reducing use-of-force, background checks, demilitarizing police, giving funding for community policing, etc. but on other fiscal problems, I think that it should go to state and local powers. AKA please vote in the city council and mayoral elections!

Political Science BA/MA @SFSU, aspiring Americanist, North Bay native. #Vote fmr. #NextGenAmerica #BeyondDiff

Android : Can you name another job that Donald Trump would continue to hold after exhibiting this type of unhinged public behavior other than President of the United States with the support of craven and complicit Congressional Republicans?

iPhone : Brave GOPers in Trump era exist - GA election officials Brad Raffenspeeger, Gabriel Sterling) 's Twitter Profile">Gabriel Sterling, & Lt Gov Geoff Duncan + Gov Kemp stood up to #DontheCon. The anger from Gabriel Sterling) 's Twitter Profile">Gabriel Sterling in clip is palpable. 🙏🏻#LincolnProject #WarnockOssoff…

Im a wife, sister, daughter, and friend to the world around me. Lover of 2 cats, @MariahCarey, @Stone Cold Creamery, Sushi, Yoga, Margies, and other things. :)