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Twitter Web App : Wonderful! Kudos to Harvard and MIT for fighting this in court, as well as to everyone that spoke up against the new ICE rules.…

Twitter Web App : I'm grateful for Dr. Fauci's tireless work to disseminate good science about the pandemic.

When we see a scientist unfairly attacked, we need to speak up. It is by doing so that we defend not just the scientist, but also the scientific process.


Twitter Web App : I wrote in todays edition of The Batch about the new F-1 visa policy, and want to share that message here as well. #StudentBan

Twitter Web App : Heres the text of the policy. This puts the US, students and universities in a lose-lose-lose situation.…

Twitter Web App : New ICE policy regarding F-1 visa international students is horrible & will hurt the US, students, and universities. Pushes universities to offer in-person classes even if unsafe or no pedagogical benefit, or students to leave US amidst pandemic and risk inability to return.

Twitter Web App : ⁦Andrew Ng⁩’s the batch is consistently my favourite weekly newsletter and one I always can’t wait to get my hands on.

It’s absolutely fantastic and one I highly recommend to any and all 🙃

Twitter Web App : The suspension of the H1B visa program is bad for the US, bad for innovation, and will shatter dreams and disrupt lives. As a former H1B visa holder, my heart goes out to all the families affected.

Twitter Web App : Happy Juneteenth! Raising awareness this past month on Black lives matter was important. But what’s next is even more important: that we keep supporting it even years from now when it’s not a trending twitter topic. Racial justice will take years; lets be in it for the long haul.

Twitter Web App : Our new Natural Language Processing Specialization’s first two courses are now on @Coursera! You’ll build your technical foundations and work on projects ranging from sentiment analysis to language modeling to autocomplete. Check it out:…

Twitter Web App : Congratulations the #Stanford2020 class that just graduated today! An online commencement wasn't what anyone had envisioned, but I am excited to see what you will accomplish and the contributions you'll make to this chaotic world. Proud of all of you!

Twitter Web App : Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -MLK

Twitter Web App : University & college students can now learn in-demand career skills for free with full access to Coursera’s 3,800 courses, Guided Projects, & Professional Certificates. Find out more and help us tell the world! #SkillUpTogether

Twitter Web App : Getting to widespread AI adoption outside tech companies means solving new challenges. For example, we still need to get better at bridging Proof of Concept (PoC) and production. Here are my thoughts: FORTUNE…

Twitter Web App : My grandparents had many stories of helping neighbors during World War II, a defining time for them. When some day we are telling our own grandchildren about World Pandemic I, I hope all of us will have stories of our actions during this time that we can be proud of.

Twitter Web App : I've listened to several of Shakira's songs over the years. So I was excited to see she just finished a UPenn course on Coursera!…

Twitter Web App : Social distancing is needed to keep us safe. So @LandingAI created this AI tool to help our customers in essential industries maintain #SocialDistancing in the workplace. We hope many people can benefit from these ideas.

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