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Players are ready to play. Statement on proposal to MLS:…

A webcam atop Maunakea in Hawaii captured a singular moment: Upward-shooting red sprite & blue jet lightning to the right, the Gemini North observatory to the left, the handle of the Big Dipper in the distance.…

Pizza Team! (That's not what I'm gonna be calling them but for now, it's fine). Magical boys based on pizza toppings who are also all Pepperoni's ex-boyfriends! HEARTACHE! HILARITY! HEROISM! HOT BOYS AND HOT PIZZAS! What more could you want? More on these guys later. <3

Com Farid Middya Lal Salam. On 11th on February he, along with thousands of students and youths comrades hit the street during Nabanna Avijan in Kolkata under banner of @SFI_CEC & @dyficec demanding,  - Education for all - Free & fair recruitment

Namibia has better roads than Australia, Belgium and Italy according to WEF. It also ranks higher than USA in Press Freedom. Its Economy has a perfect AAA grade rating. It has Africa's best roads, second best Judiciary and fourth best Government.

The thing with @eNCA is that they’re refusing to see this for what it is! There are more videos of #LindsayDentlinger demanding black politicians to wear masks whilst she takes a different approach with white politicians! How are the videos misleading?

1 year ago today I said ✌️ to my career in public health, dyed my hair, and started a 3mo software engineering bootcamp at General Assembly! What a year it's been, but so happy to be at @RedHat a year later doing things that I love. 👩🏻‍💻 #SoftwareEngineer #GirlsWhoCode #WomenInSTEM