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KOBE BRYANT’S 10 RULES 1. Get better every single day 2. Prove them wrong 3. Work on your weaknesses 4. Execute what you practiced 5. Learn from greatness 6. Learn from wins & losses 7. Practice mindfulness 8. Be ambitious 9. Believe in your team 10. Learn storytelling

Since the #IndiaChinaFaceOff there has been consistent chatter on naval threats in the #indianoceanregion, this map helps visualise the known deployments of the #IndianNavy & the role it plays in monitoring #China's access westwards

For anyone who would like to help him, the @MumbaiMirror team has shared these bank details with me.

The “Bets” Can’t answer questions Cuz there’s no plan STILL They just pretend the #COVID19⛰ Is a molehill She ain’t nuthin But a rich white shill Passin the bill But I’d❤️2 know Ms Cruella DeVille How they gonna work #SocialDistancing In an active shooter drill? Ugh I need Advil…