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iPhone : ICYMI, great to see Times Union with a strong editorial in favor of the newly-passed Excluded Workers Fund.

"...New York has undocumented residents — human beings who a responsible state government can’t turn its back on." #FundExcludedWorkers…

iPhone : While the #FundExcludedWorkers campaign has been a victory, the day-to-day challenges of survival continues.

Read the story of DRUM member, AS. Support + contribute directly to Queens-based excluded workers + small businesses:


iPhone : After one-year-long organizing efforts, our communities are finally getting the relief they need and deserve to survive this pandemic — a $2.1 billion excluded workers fund & $2.4 billion for rent relief.

For more info & resources, visit our website!…

iPhone : Solidarity & love & rage from Brooklyn, NY, to Brooklyn Center, MN, where police have killed yet another Black man.

#DaunteWright’s life was stolen—from him, from his family: his son, his girlfriend, his mother. See below for ways to support them.

May his memory be blessing 💔

iPhone : From the words of a hunger striker, Glenn Cantave, who spent 20 days without eating in solidarity to #FundExcludedWorkers (and won!):

"We shouldn’t have to starve ourselves to demand funding that people deserve as humans and have earned through their labor."…

iPhone : Don't miss this! IN THE THICK interview with the incredible Angeles Solis dropping soon:

"We are going to see a rolling effect across the country where immigrant workers begin to reclaim what's theirs." 🔥 #FundExcludedWorkers…

iPhone : “No one deserves to go hungry or die, or to not have money to bury their loved ones, pay for housing, health care, and other fundamental needs while a pandemic wreaks havoc across the world.” -Carmen De La Rosa #FundExcludedWorkers…

iPhone : “Excluded Workers Fund is a bold statement that New York recognizes the humanity in everyone, and that we must secure the basic necessities of all people during a global pandemic.” Check out my Op-Ed in Gotham Gazette 👇🏾…

iPhone : “The whole point is to recognize the loss of income & compensate [undocumented workers] for hardships endured during the pandemic.”

This fund will give excluded workers a fraction what eligible unemployed workers received from UI benefits this past year.…

iPhone : 🚨AVOID SCAMS: Now that #FundExcludedWorkers is secure, New York State needs to create the program.

🛑 Applications are NOT yet available
🛑 Do NOT hire a private attorney to apply
🛑 NYS government and local non-profits will announce open applications.

iPhone : To #FundExcludedWorkers is not only morally right, it is economically sound. Expanding a form of income replacement to even more New Yorkers means that those dollars will be put back into our communities, stimulating hyper-local economies across our state.

iPhone : WATCH: We just led the way in establishing a multi-billion dollar program that puts cash directly in the pockets of those who need it...those whose labor saved lives. - Angeles Solis #FundExcludedWorkers

🎥: P. Nick Curran for The Intercept

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iPhone : DAY 23. They could not say no to people who were giving everything of themselves...That spirit is what brought home this win. - Angeles Solis

The hunger strikers & excluded workers showed NYS what people power does.

🎥: P. Nick Curran for The Intercept

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