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Twitter Web App : There are remainers who are transparently disappointed that Nissan didn't close the Sunderland.

Twitter Web App : The media hacks are now complaining about being 'hounded unfairly'

Oh If Carlsberg did irony.


Twitter Web App : No extension. No delay. No common fisheries policy. No EU rules. No role for the European Court of Justice.

Brexit really must mean Brexit.…

Twitter Web App : What the bishops had to say about Cummings was too easy, too popular, and too complicit with the spirit of persecution.…

Twitter Web App : I see that they’ve started calling Boris a dictator again, last week they kept asking where Boris was as he dared to delegate responsibilities. Although I shouldn’t be surprised as these same people claimed to be confused about lockdown rules, up until a week ago as well.

Twitter Web App : If only our media were as outraged by horrific atrocities like this as they are about Cummings!! 😡😡…

Twitter Web App : No 10's refusal to bend to pressure over Cummings is a warning to Brussels…

Twitter Web App : Now that emily m) 's Twitter Profile">emily m has been found to be guilty of breaching the journalistic rules under which the publicly funded BBC) 's Twitter Profile">BBC is bound and Dominic Cummings has been found to be innocent, I presume we can expect @Maitlis to do the honourable thing and resign or be sacked by BBC) 's Twitter Profile">BBC

Twitter Web App : Keir Starmer Let’s talk about Kinnock shall we. Now was he reprimanded or promoted? One rule for your lot eh?

Twitter Web App : What’s worse? Driving to Durham or inciting harassment and potentially violence against a young, sick family? If you’ll condemn Dom for the former and not Thornberry for the latter then you are one horribly warped person. Seek help.…

Twitter Web App : This is worth reading if you've not seen it already. The real reason the left are hounding Dom Cummings.
Its not about him breaking any rules, they want revenge on him for scuppering their coup…