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iPhone : I am hype for this! Perhaps with enough support for Shao Jun, we might see a non side scroller game starring her in the future. Her backstory was so intriguing!

More female lead characters/Assassins who aren’t just alternate choices or supporting cast, plz!…

iPhone : Bonus outfit for Anko’s Lolita Chef look for her #SixOutfitsChallenge! I couldn’t resist the cute chef jacket I found while ref hunting so had to do something with it. Yay Fruit tart motifs!🥧

I’ll be doing a write-up for each outfit on my Patreon’s #SecretSketchbook soon.

iPhone : Sean Price @ Wear A Mask Then I like to analyze as objectively as possible what I can do well and what kind of exercises and new pieces I can do to improve on my weaknesses. Setting some ‘homework’ for myself. Accomplishing small tasks helps me feel productive & more confident!

iPhone : TanteDante Here’s the link for you! You’ll need to request to join and answer a few questions before being added so you are able to see the posts.

See you after you beam up!👽…

iPhone : For those who’d like to join the Mothership FB group, you can find it here. You’ll need to request to join first before being able to see the posts:…

I’m already seeing a lot of familiar faces there!🥰

Twitter Web App : We need more voices and points of view and now I think that from this difficult experience many of those voices are ready to step up and be heard.

We shall meet again on another Path!

Twitter Web App : Most of all, I know from this painful dissolution how strong the community can be, how it can stand up and protect its own, how it can rise and be better than it was before.

Twitter Web App : I'll remember the good that was the heart of the community & not those who chose to abuse it for power or fame. I hope to see any of my fellow Weekers over in the The Mothership FB group sponsored by #ASFA (Association of Scifi & Fantasy Artists) and on the Path up the mountain.

Twitter Web App : I've met so many great artists through the discussions, made a lot of friends, and expanded my knowledge thanks to all the advice other artists volunteered in their free time.

Twitter Web App : I'm sorry to see that #1FantasticWeek has announced its permanent closure and could not find a way to pass on the helm to new hosts. This community of artists meant a lot to me. I was there from the beginning years ago.

Twitter Web App : Fiona Creates ⚔️ I MAY have already done this on physical paper too. And gawd I hope I never lose my geriatric Cintiq and these touch strips because I've been using the strips for years and will look so odd petting the back of things to try and make stuff Rotate. XD

Twitter Web App : Fiona Creates ⚔️ Procreate YES oh man I do love how fast it is to maneuver the canvas with gestures! That's something I wish I could do on the Cintiq as well. I use the touch strips on the back to rotate and zoom in and it's quick, but not AS quick as pinch and zoom.

Twitter Web App : happened. I have been working in Procreate more often lately and when I switched back to my Cintiq, I tried to double tap with my fingers to Undo.

Gotta admit I'm getting used to the convenience of hand gestures now that they've become more muscle memory!

iPhone : Probably one of the most unique takes on Scorpio I’ve seen! I’m not usually fond of interpretations of my sign, but I adore this one from Julie’s now completed series. ❤️♏️…